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I am a Teacher Librarian in South Carolina. I love kids, yoga, gadgets, dogs, food, books and technology. This is my blog about those things.

2016 – 2017 Weeks 3 – 5

Hello readers! What a crazy few weeks it has been! So, RIGHT NOW, we are just about finished celebrating DOT WEEK! I love to celebrate International Dot Day each year with my Art Teacher. She is amazing and does Dot … Continue reading

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2016 – 2017 WEEK 2!

Week 2 is under our belts! All of our 1st – 5th grade classes have now come in for library book checkout. Kindergarten came to the library for an introduction lesson, but no check out…that comes this week. I read … Continue reading

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To all of my friends who have started school, WELCOME BACK! We are back in action in my district in South Carolina. I shared this “pep talk” from my favorite guy, Kid President, on our school social media…LOVE HIM! Last … Continue reading

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Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal – Book Review!

A couple of months ago, I read on Facebook that Amy Krouse Rosenthal had a new book coming out and that she was looking for “awesome people” to help promote it. You had to answer a few questions and then … Continue reading

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What I’m Thinking About – Part 3 – Bubbles

So, first I wrote about leveling the library and then I wrote about the purpose of games and the Makerspace in the library. Now, I want to write about bubbles. Specifically, keeping children in them. But, before I do that…let’s … Continue reading

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What I am thinking about – Part 2 – Why the Games and MakerSpace in the Library?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my thoughts in regards to leveling the library.  That was Part 1 in my little series called “What I am thinking about.” Here’s Part 2…what’s the point of the games and the Makerspace in … Continue reading

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What I am thinking about – Part 1 – Leveling the Library

Hello readers! The school year is winding down (or actually, it feels like it is busier than ever…so really we are winding up, but that’s school life for you) and I’ve started thinking a lot about next school year.  Thinking … Continue reading

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