Book Review – Under-the-Bed Fred

Under-The-Bed Fred by Linda Bailey; illustrated by Colin Jack.

Leo has the same problem that kids from all over the world have – there is a monster living under his bed. He fears that something will grab his ankles every time he gets out of bed (especially at night when he has to go to the bathroom!). One night he decides that he has had enough and he asks the monster to just come out so that he can face his fears and be done with it. What follows is a story of friendship and fun. This is the first book in the series. I’m looking forward to the adventures that are to come!

Linda Bailey’s webpage: 

Colin Jack’s blog: 

*NOTE: This title has been nominated for the Cybils Award, and I am a first round panelist for the award. There are many nominations and other judges. We are all busy reading and reviewing! My opinions are my own and should not be construed as a sign of inclusion or exclusion on the final short list.


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