First Day of School READ ALOUDS! #backtoschool

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Can you believe it is almost time to go back to school? Every store you go to has out school supplies and you can tell kids are kind of realizing that their care free days of summer are winding down (and moms and dads are realizing that it is time to gear up for making lunches, helping with homework, and getting to all of the after school activities that come during the school year). In schools, teachers are most likely already back. If not officially, they are working in their classrooms, they are planning with their teams, they are learning in professional development sessions, and many of them are planning what to READ on that first day of school! Here are some of my favorites! Disclaimer – there are so many great first day of school read alouds out there, it was hard to narrow it down! Please add your favorites in the comments! There are also TONS of great books out there for building community, teaching empathy, and helping out with things like recess behavior. For this post, I am focusing on first day of school read alouds only. I will share more great books for the classroom in another post – stay tuned! 🙂

Dad’s First Day by Wohnoutka. This is a great book for parents to read if THEY are nervous about the first day of school (especially perfect for Kindergarten parents).

Welcome by Mo Willems. This large board book is actually perfect for parents of newborns. HOWEVER, when I read it, I thought it would work for the first day of school too. All of the advice fits for a newborn AND for a new school year…you simply cannot go wrong with MO!

Sophie’s Squash Goes to School by Miller. I LOVED Sophie’s Squash and this one does not disappoint! A great friendship story and a perfect read aloud for kiddos who might be missing all of their toys and friends at home during the school day.

School’s First Day of School by Rex. SUCH A GOOD BOOK! Told from the school’s point of view! The illustrations are fantastic. Who knew a building could be nervous too? 😉

Bark, George by Feiffer. I love to read this book to my college students before we go through introductions on our first day of classes. Perfect way to say, “hello” and gets everyone giggling or at least smiling.

First Day Jitters by Danneberg. A classic! Sarah is super nervous about her first day of school and does not want to get out of bed…once she gets to school, things are a little better. My favorite thing about this book is the twist at the end!

Back to School Tortoise by George. Similar to First Day Jitters, in a way. This one is great for Preschool – 2nd grade. CUTE illustrations with a twist at the end!

Wemberly Worried by Henkes. Another classic. Wemberly is very worried about the first day of school…parents and kiddos are sure to relate.

You’re Finally Here! by Watt. I LOVE Watt’s illustrations. So fun and quirky. And, there are lots of fun things to do with this book on Pinterest. *NOTE – Amazon sellers are asking crazy amounts for this one, so I am not linking it to Amazon. Check it out from the library or see if your local bookstores have it. Maybe check used bookstores-must be out of print!

The Kissing Hand by Penn. Yet another classic. This one is for parents to read to their kids before the first day of school. I can see this being a sweet read aloud for bed time the night before school starts. Then, you can start the ritual from the book with your little.

I want to hear your favorite first day of school read alouds!







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