June is PRIDE month! #LGBT

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT) and chances are/hopefully there are a lot of festivals, programs, and other events going on in your area to celebrate! Here are some books you may want to read to your students, children, or just for yourself to learn more and to celebrate people – everyone is different, we love who we love, and we are who we are, so let’s honor that and treat everyone with respect and kindness. Here are some of my favorite books to share that might help you with that!

George by Alex Gino – Excellent novel for upper elementary/middle grades. The main character, George, looks like a boy. But, inside she knows she is a girl. No one knows how George really feels until it’s time for the class play, Charlotte’s Web, and George decides to try out for the part of Charlotte.

Lily and Dunkin by Donna Gephart – Middle School/Young Adult novel. From Amazon: “For readers who enjoyed Wonder and Counting by 7’s, award-winning author Donna Gephart crafts a compelling dual narrative about two remarkable young people: Lily, a transgender girl, and Dunkin, a boy dealing with bipolar disorder. Their powerful story will shred your heart, then stitch it back together with kindness, humor, bravery, and love.”

Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle – Upper elementary/middle school. Nate is one of my top 10 favorite book characters. I wish I knew this kid personally. From Amazon: “Nate Foster has big dreams. His whole life, he’s wanted to star in a Broadway show. (Heck, he’d settle for seeing a Broadway show.) But how is Nate supposed to make his dreams come true when he’s stuck in Jankburg, Pennsylvania, where no one (except his best pal Libby) appreciates a good show tune? With Libby’s help, Nate plans a daring overnight escape to New York. There’s an open casting call for E.T.: The Musical, and Nate knows this could be the difference between small-town blues and big-time stardom.” If you can, LISTEN to the audio version of this book. Fantastic. In fact, every book I’ve read/listened to by Federle is fantastic.

The Family Book and Be Who You Are by Todd Parr – Picture Books. Parr is one of my favorite authors/illustrators. I love his bright art and the letters to his readers at the back of each book are perfect. In The Family Book, many different kinds of families are introduced and in Be Who You Are, he encourages readers to do just that.

Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall – Picture Book. This book is all about how it is okay to be different and that sometimes you may not look on the outside, the way you feel on the inside.

I Am Jazz by Jazz Jennings –  Picture Book. From Amazon: “The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere.” Autobiography!

And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell; illustrated by Henry Cole – Picture Book. True story!

Worm Loves Worm by J.J. Austrian; illustrated by Mike Curato – Picture Book. Worm and Worm want to get married! They help others realize that a marriage/wedding does not have to be “how it’s always been done.” This one is one of my FAVORITES!

This Day in June by Gayle E. Pitman; illustrated by Kristyna Litten – Picture Book. Fun to read with lots of great information included in the back matter.

Other great links and resources:

Common Sense Media – https://www.commonsensemedia.org/lists/lgbtq-books

Library of Congress – https://www.loc.gov/lgbt-pride-month

GLADD – https://www.glaad.org/tags/lgbt-pride-month

PBS – http://www.pbs.org/specials/lgbt-pride-month/#.WUEgkhPysWo

GLSEN – https://www.glsen.org/






About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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5 Responses to June is PRIDE month! #LGBT

  1. gaylepitman says:

    Thanks for including This Day in June! FYI – I have a new book out titled When You Look Out the Window: How Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin Built a Community. If you’re not familiar with this lesbian power couple, you might want to check it out. Happy Pride!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Wow, what a great list! I’m adding Lily & Duncan to my TBR list right now.

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