2016 – 2017 School Year! Weeks 10 and 11!

Hello readers!

Book Fair is all wrapped up and back at the Warehouse! We had a successful fair…$1,000 more sold than last year’s Fall fair…I think that’s great! Considering that we held our fair earlier in the school year; we did not have an evening event; and we did not have any morning events (in years past, we’ve had a dad event – AllPro Dad– that our Guidance Department does and it seemed to always be the same time as Book Fair, which was nice…dads buy a lot of books!). We did have one lunch event (Pizza & Pirates) and it is hard to say how that went…I feel like we were busy the whole time, but I did not ever feel overwhelmed by the line (which can happen). Anyway, all that to say – I’m happy we made more than last year and hopefully, we can have a successful fair in May too! I pay for my author visit with Book Fair money and I subscribe to BookFlix with my Book Fair money…so, as long as I meet those goals, I’m happy! My book budget has decreased this year, however, so it would be nice to make enough at Book Fair to also order more books for the library. #Goals

We were finally able to host Lion Cub Story Time last week! This was actually supposed to be our third story time of the year, but due to crazy weather here in SC, both the September and October story times were cancelled! The theme was BOXES (instead of planning something new, I went with what I originally had decided for October…Cardboard Challenge month…boxes are good for November too)! Here’s what we did:

Box shaped name tags (black and white clipart)

We did “Open them, Shut them” as our opening fingerplay.

I read Not a Box by Portis

We did this Little Fox flannel board activity (scroll through the blog post to find it)

I read The Color Box by Dodds

We did this animal sounds activity – I “wrapped” a box and had little stuffed animals that I pulled out after kiddos guessed the animal sound.

I read My Book Box by Hillenbrand

We played a bean bag toss where they threw bean bags into a box.

The craft was a simple coloring sheet with a box shape on it…they turned a box into whatever they wanted! We had dogs, robots, boys, girls, monsters – all fun! All cute!

The snack was graham crackers because they remind me of boxes!

Now that I have a kiddo and have been attending public library story times, I am trying something with my Lion Cubs that my local public library does. I am sending home a sheet with the book titles, fingerplays, etc. that we did so that parents can do it at home…I have appreciated getting this as a parent, so I hope they do too!

What is going on in YOUR library?





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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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