2016 – 2017 Weeks 3 – 5

Hello readers!

What a crazy few weeks it has been! So, RIGHT NOW, we are just about finished celebrating DOT WEEK! I love to celebrate International Dot Day each year with my Art Teacher. She is amazing and does Dot inspired art with our students to display in the Learning Commons every year during our festivities. In addition to displaying student art this week, I have a few activities set up in the Learning Commons for students to explore after they check out their library books. They can play Dots & Company on an iPad; they can scan Dots that 1st graders colored last week using the Quiver App on an iPad; and they can collaborate to create a classroom Dot picture with Bingo markers. I’ve been sharing pictures each day on our Learning Commons’ Facebook page…check it out!

Also this week I have been visiting 5th grade classrooms talking about the Global Cardboard Challenge. We have been participating in the challenge for a few years now and every year, I think we get a little bit better. This year, I am visiting classrooms and introducing the challenge to students and then giving them time to plan what they want to build. In the past, they had a little bit of planning time and would move right into building in the same lesson, but this year, they aren’t even starting to build until the NEXT lesson. That gives them time to sketch their game, write their directions, and gather materials. Next week, we will give them solid blocks of time to build in the Learning Commons (and some have already been coming in during recess). We are going to host a Cardboard Carnival on September 30 and then the next day is the actual Global Cardboard Challenge that they can participate in, if they want to. I look forward to this event each year. It’s crazy, noisy, and messy, but so fun.

Last week, we continued to talk about book care with Kindergarten students and reviewed the Self Checkout station with all other classes.

The week before THAT was supposed to be our first Lion Cub Story Time for this school year, but it was cancelled due to inclement weather (students were dismissed early that day), so the next story time will be in October.

Upcoming events include Star Wars READS Day and BOOK FAIR!

What’s been going on in your library???


PS – Along with all the FUN and ENGAGING stuff that has been going on in my library, talk of levels has come up again. So, sharing the link for a blog post I wrote this summer – just FYI. #bummer


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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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