Week 7 and #scflood

So, last week (Week 7) was a pretty normal week at school. 5th graders continued working on their games for the Global Cardboard Challenge, Kindergarten classes continued discussing Fall by reading books about our favorite Fall animal – the squirrel (I read Ol’ Mama Squirrel and then explored the Squirrel entry in PebbleGo with them). I sent out the October Learning Commons Newsletter and did lots of planning for upcoming events and programs. It rained the ENTIRE week, but I kind of like the rain, so I didn’t mind.

On Friday, the news reports of that rain started to make me nervous – it wasn’t going to stop and it was going to get worse…much worse. I went to the grocery store, I went to the gym, I started to obsess about the weather. The news reports were pretty dire, but everyone around me was like, “nope, nothing to worry about.” Our weather people are famous for getting it wrong – getting everyone all excited about major weather (snow, in particular) and then nothing happens. October is festival time in South Carolina and everything was cancelled, and on Saturday, the weather was still rainy, but nothing serious. Folks were like, “they did it again…where’s the weather that cancelled everything?!” Then Saturday evening/Sunday morning it became real. Somehow, I managed to sleep through the heaviest of the actual rain, but I have been glued to the television and to social networks throughout this whole mess and it is so heartbreaking to see the loss that has happened in my community. I am SO LUCKY that my house, my family, my belongings are okay. We don’t have anything to worry about and besides a TON of rain and having to boil  our water before drinking or cooking with it, we are okay. Many of my friends and community members, however, are NOT. I have never lived through this sort of disaster…it is heartbreaking. To check out some of the damage, you can go here and here. I am hoping to do some things to help my community in the next few days (I’m taking water to my local fire station; sending some gift cards to a group I know is in need; I plan to clean out the closet and give some clothes away; and I’m going to buy new underware and such and take to a local church accepting donations). If you want to help, here are some resources:

American Red Cross

An article from CNN that lists a few ways to help South Carolina (including Salvation Army, Red Cross)

Donate to Central Carolina Community Foundation

Contact local churches – I know many of them are accepting donations

Contact shelters – they have big needs. You can find a list of shelters here (don’t forget animals! Donations of dog and cat food are probably needed!)

There are groups forming on Facebook too – one that I am a part of is Irmo/Chapin Flood Relief

I hope you are all safe and sound!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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