Week 6 Global Cardboard Challenge

Week 6! I remember when I was in elementary school, report cards came out every 6 weeks…we are on a 9 week schedule now, but to think that it would have already been report card time “in my day.” This school year is moving by fast!

This week, 5th graders started working on their games for the Global Cardboard Challenge. We have been participating in this event as a school for the past few years (I think it has only been a “thing” for 4 years). It’s so fun and the creativity of our students is amazing to watch. Each 5th grade class came to the Learning Commons this week for an overview of the challenge. After showing them Caine’s Arcade and explaining our theme (this year, a FAIR!), students got to work. First, they brainstormed and sketched out their idea. Then, they picked up the cardboard they needed from my supply. I also had out toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, tape, scissors, some MakeDo stuff, etc. After getting their materials, they got to work! It’s loud and messy, but they are enjoying themselves and doing lots of learning and collaborating. They will continue to work on their projects until the Global Cardboard Challenge, which is on October 10 “officially.” We will be putting their games out for others to play on October 9.

With my Kindergarten classes, I used BookFlix to read a fiction and non-fiction book about Fall. We watched Fletcher and Falling Leaves by Rawlinson and checked out books. After everyone was checked out, we read How Do you Know It’s Fall? by Herrington . I chose Fall as my theme because that’s what they are doing in the classroom and the first day of Fall was this week!

I finally put out my copyright stuff for teachers. This year, I created a quiz using Quia for them to take.

We had our first Lion Cub Story Time of the year! This month’s theme was ABC. Here’s what I did:

Nametag – Letters

I have an easel by my story time area. One side is magnetic, so I had some of my magnetic letters up so that kiddos could explore before story time started.

We kicked off story time by singing the ABC song.

I read If Rocks Could Sing by McGuirk

We did the “Alphabet Beat” action rhyme that I found here.

I read Z is for Moose by Bingham

Our craft was easy – they wrote the first letter of their first name on a piece of paper and then traced it with stickers, stamps, etc. Under the letter, they wrote their full name.

Snacks were Scrabble Cheez-Its!  Cute, right?!

I hope you had a great week!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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