Week 23

Week 23!

Monday was one of my most favorite days of the year – the day the ALA Youth Media Awards are announced! I like to watch it live, usually, but this year I had a class during most of the announcements…I did get to see the Caldecott and Newbery announcements live, so I was happy with that. You can check out the whole list of this year’s award winners here. 

I was with my 5th grade Media Technology class during the announcements – they were working on their last Digital Passport lesson (copyright). They also made their actual passports this week using Big Huge Labs Badge Maker (this is one of the rare weeks where I saw them twice). I’m happy to say that we have made it through our Digital Passport lessons and are ready to move on! I bet they would be happy to say that too.

The entire 5th grader started learning about the Harlem Renaissance this week with our Harlem Renaissance Cafe. Last year was the first year we did this and it was awesome, so we are doing it again! 5th graders will come in each week this month to learn about a different aspect of the Harlem Renaissance. This first week, we focused on music, dance, photographs, and books. You can read more details about the lesson here (from last year…we really are not changing much – kind of cracks me up that this is the same exact week, just last year! We are right on track! ).

Kindergarten – 2nd grade SC Book Award lessons focused on My First Day by Steve Jenkins. I read the book and then showed the video of how Steve Jenkins creates his illustrations (from his website). Kindergarten checked out books and then created their own Steve Jenkins-inspired art work using little pieces of paper they glued to a larger sheet of paper in the shape of an animal. 1st and 2nd graders just watched the video and kind of got a “book talk” and Library Catalog mini-lesson about Steve Jenkins books and where to find them in our library- there are so many! Lots of them are checked out of my library now 🙂

It’s a new month, so I sent out my February Learning Commons Newsletter.

And, since it is a new month, there are new things to do in our Makerspace! I have two laptops set up with Makey Makey – one laptop has a drumkit pulled up and the other has a piano (found them in Scratch). I have play-dough out that students can use to “play” the instruments with the Makey Makey. I put out a Rainbow Loom kit and this easy strawburst activity that I found on Pinterest. Students seemed to have a good time this first week with the activities! I know that they enjoy having things they can take back to the classroom with them.

Oh, and I made the decision to go ahead and work on renewing my National Board Certification. That’s a good idea during your last month of pregnancy, right?! 😉

How was your week?



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