2014 – 2015 Week 6 – Makerspace Moments!

Week 6 was messy – in a GREAT way!

We kicked off Makerspace Moments this week. Makerspace Moments are scheduled times that classroom teachers can send students to the library to learn, explore, and create. Each month, I will have a “focus” activity that students can try, along with a couple of old favorites. The September/October focus is CARDBOARD! My school district participates in the Global Cardboard Challenge Day of Play on October 11. Students in my district are encouraged to make something out of cardboard and bring it in that day. Kind of like a science fair, but with cardboard. So, in the Makerspace this month, we have cardboard, glue, tape, and lots of other supplies to spark their creativity. There is also origami paper and origami “how to” books set out, as well as some rainbow loom bands and a loom. We had a total of around 25 kids come to the Makerspace throughout the week. It was great! Check out pictures here. 

Speaking of the Global Cardboard Challenge, I also started working with a 5th grade class this week…helping them get ready to participate. Same idea as above, but I moved everything out into the library so that we would have more space to work. They watched part of the Caine’s Arcade video, learned about the event, and then brainstormed things they might like to create. They sketched their ideas on paper and then got to work. They will come in 2 more times before October 11 (as well as during recess or whenever they get some free time). Check out pictures here. 

To celebrate the kick off of Makerspace Moments, I also hosted my first Make Shop for Teacher’s Kids this week. We have a lot of teachers with kids who go to my school (and they are always there for awhile after school each day). I needed to offer a workshop on Sugru sometime in September…so, I thought that they would be a perfect audience! I was given supplies for this workshop by Instructables (they offer contests to libraries and schools). All I had to do was host an event using Sugru and then write at least 3 Instructables using the product. I got 3 volunteers from the kids who showed up and as they worked, we wrote down their step by step directions (using a template I created) and took pictures. I typed up the Instructable the next day using their words and the pictures I took. It was a lot of fun and I hope to offer more Make Shops throughout the school year! Check out pictures here and the Instructables here. 

In addition to “messy” fun, we had regular fun this week too. I did my favorite lesson about using your 5 senses with my Kindergarten classes and I tried to wrap up my Digital Passport lessons with my 5th graders. Our schedule has been very wonky lately, so I haven’t been able to do everything I want to do. We are running behind, but we’ll catch up and get to the fun stuff in Media Tech soon enough!

How was your week?


PS – Lucky and Mozzy have more news to share! It’s a girl! girl


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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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