We! Are! Back! 2014 – 2015 WEEK 1

Our first week with students is behind us! I had a great week.

Just about ALL of my 1st – 5th graders went through library “orientation” and checked out books. I made a little video last year using the Sock Puppet app for orientation…not much has changed since last year, soI showed that again this year. Quick and easy!

My fixed Kindergarten classes got an introduction to the Learning Commons and will check out their first book this week (after a Book Care lesson). My first week lesson with Kindergarten was pretty much the same from years past (I talked about library rules, we read Wild About Books, etc.)

With my fixed 5th grade Media Technology class (I see them two days a week), we created “about me” Wordles and Tagxedos.

I celebrated summer readers with POP ROCKS. The theme at the public library this summer was Fizz! Boom! READ!, so Pop Rocks were a natural fit for my prize to students this year.

I sent out my August Newsletter. Still using (and loving) Smore.

I started planning for Dot Day with our Art Teacher. Speaking of Dot Day, it is so cool to be listed as a Superhero Educator of Dot Day 🙂

I learned something VERY cool about our library software this week. We, like many of you, use Follett Destiny in our library. Our state has a “virtual library” (DISCUS) where we have access to fantastic databases like BrainPOP Jr., online encyclopedias, Novelist K -8, and more. I learned this week that I can integrate those resources into our library’s search. So, when students and teachers are looking for books about a particular topic, not only do they see books that we have in our library about that topic, but they can search databases through DISCUS! WHAT?! I also figured out about to connect Learn360 and PebbleGo into the search! I’m looking forward to sharing this with students and teachers.

Finally, we hosted our regular “back to school” events and meetings in the Learning Commons this week – Sip and Sob and Faculty Meeting on the first day and Substitute and Volunteer Orientation on Friday.

I’m looking forward to an AWESOME year! How about YOU?!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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