Maker Corps Camp Week 12 @make @makeredorg #possibilities #myjobisfun #summerlearning

I worked two days at my host site this week, which meant I got to have more Maker Camp fun! This group was a little older (5 – 7 years old) than the group I helped out with last week, so they were able to do a little more on their own. The first day of camp was all about making a mess! We made butterfly wings and learned a little bit about butterflies. EdVenture has a super cool butterfly exhibit that the campers explored after their time with us. We also made play dough and alien boogers that day. Super fun!

2014-06-26 08.45.29

The second day was learning how to sew (for them and for me). For them, they learned how to make a pillow (or monster, animal, whatever they wanted it to be) out of some burlap and stuffing. I learned how to make a super cool dinosaur tail. It was a great day.

2014-06-24 12.32.11

Maker Corps (for me) has been about helping out with camp (which I LOVE because I get to see kids “in action” doing the things I’ve been learning about over the past month or so), and about gathering ideas and learning how things work for upcoming programs and events. I have been able to spend time exploring blogs and sites that are all about making with kids. I have learned so much that I can take back to my school library next year…here are some of my favorite resources that I have found during my Maker Corps experience (so far)  –

Tinkering Studio (I am so visiting this place next summer) –

How To Smile (wonderful science, math, and maker activities from museums and other places all gathered together in one spot) –

High-Low Tech (very doable projects) –

Make It @ Your Library (more doable projects…easily sorted by cost, age group, etc.) – 

Make on!




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