Maker Corps Camp Week 11 @make @makeredorg #possibilities #myjobisfun #summerlearning

This week at my Maker Corps host site, I helped with a “Mini-Maker” Camp. I only worked one weekday this week, so I only helped with one day of camp and that day was focused on BUBBLES! The camp was for 3-4 year olds, so there was LOTS of movement and LOTS of breaks between learning and making, but we had SO MUCH FUN. They learned how to make their own bubble solution, they learned how to blow bubbles (they wanted to suck in, like a straw), and we did some fun experiments with soap.



I did not work as a Maker Corps member on Wednesday, but I did get to come in and speak at a professional development session that my Maker Corps Leader was hosting at the host site. I talked a little bit about what I have done in my school library with Makerspaces and what I hope to grow into next year. I plan to expand on this presentation when I do my own professional development for the teachers in my school district in July. Speaking of what I hope to grow into…This summer, I’m turning a conference room in my library into the Makerspace. I made a bulletin board this week that will be inspiration for kids and teachers as they “make.” I plan to take pictures of the things they do and display them on this bulletin board. I also plan to add more books for them to flip through for inspiration.

2014-06-18 09.01.00-1

Finally, we are kicking off something really cool at my host site (well, everything that place does is really cool, if you ask me!). It was inspired by the #BookADay challenge I do every summer (I read a book every day of summer break and then post a picture of it to social media using the hashtag #bookaday). We are calling it #MakeADay. Basically, make something everyday this summer (June 14 – August 14) and take a picture. Share your picture on social media using the hashtags #makeaday and #makerworks. There will be an “official” blog post with a few more details soon. But, don’t wait for that! Get started today! 🙂

Happy Making!



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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