Week 38 @npeslearningcommons

This was a short, but busy week.

We had Monday off because of Memorial Day. Tuesday – Friday was BOOK FAIR craziness. So, I really did not get around to doing much more than Book Fair stuff this week…my May Book Fair runs much like my November Book Fair. We are open in the mornings before school (this is our busiest time) and stay open a little bit after school (another busy time). We are open all day long and classes come in and out throughout the day. Teachers can send students anytime with money. We often have a rush at lunch time with parents and grandparents eating lunch with kids. We also always have one evening with extended hours. This evening is usually kind of busy, but I am going to rethink this for next year. We are really MUCH busier during the day, especially when there is something else happening at school (like a PTA meeting or some sort of classroom event)…if I could figure out when all of those classroom events are happening and tag onto THAT, then we wouldn’t need to be open in the evening and I know that my assistant and I BOTH would really like that. I do not know how much money we made yet. I will figure that out tomorrow, but I do know that many students now have good books to read over the summer, and that’s the point.

Other than Book Fair, I saw my Media Technology students for the last time this week (we tried to complete our Code.org lessons). Actually, I guess I saw all of my classes for the last time this week. CRAZY!

Speaking of crazy, WE ARE ALMOST DONE WITH THIS SCHOOL YEAR! We are coming up to the last week of school and it isn’t even a full week…the last day for students is Wednesday and teachers come in a half day on Thursday. I do have some extra days on my contract, so I will be around for a few more days after that, but it is so different to be there without students and teachers. I have big plans for those days – lots of cleaning up and throwing out to do…and lots of planning to do for next school year.

I hope you are enjoying these last few days of the school year (or maybe even your first days of summer vacation???) and that you are taking some time to reflect (and relax)! Have a GREAT week!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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