Week 36 @npeslearningcommons

This week was the beginning of Technology Assessments for 2nd and 5th graders. I’m curious to see the results. I helped give the assessment and as I was walking around, they seemed to be doing their best and choosing the best answers. They did not seem terribly confused or worried. We will see…they know all of this stuff (plus, many classes did a review last week), it is just a matter of carefully reading the questions and the answers and picking the correct one – that’s hard for a kid sometimes!

I wrapped up my ocean unit with Kindergarten by reading the non-fiction book, Life in an Ocean by Lindeen.  After we read that book, they shared one fact they had learned throughout our ocean unit with a friend and then I picked a few kids to share their facts with the class. They voted for their favorite ocean animal (I made a simple graph in SMART Notebook and they moved a circle to the animal that was their favorite – shark won every time!) and then they checked out. They went to their last center and that was that! Next week will be about promoting Book Fair and reflecting on our year in the library.

Lion Cub Story Time (the last one for this school year) was this week and the theme was OCEAN. I’ll write about that in another post this week.

The Technology Integration Specialist and I did a Lunch and Learn for parents on Friday. We talked about using the iPads at home for learning. We went over how to set some restrictions in the Settings and showed them some apps they can use with their kids at home over the summer. We had 3 folks show up…of course, more would have been better, but this was the first one AND we picked a day where we had 2 grade levels gone on field trips. Next time, we’ll be sure to check the field trip calendar! You can check out our presentation here. 

How was your week?




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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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