Maker Corps Camp Week 5 @make @makeredorg #possibilities #myjobisfun

The past couple of Maker Corps weeks have been very FULL of trying and failing and trying again.

Last week, I wrote about my learning with the Flora. You may remember that I finally got my shirt to work and got everything sewed on it and was just waiting for my battery pack to get here so that I could show the world my shirt. I got my battery pack, put batteries in, plugged it to the Flora and…nothing. It does not seem to power my Flora, in fact, it doesn’t seem to do anything. So, I’m still working on this project and trying to figure out what’s happening…stay tuned!

A couple weeks ago, my Maker Corps Cohort was taught how to solder. This is a little nervous making for me (so hot!), but I’m learning. After being taught how to solder and knowing I had a soldering iron (thanks to my Possibility Box), I really wanted to try to build something with the Drawdio (also in my Possibility Box!). I spent an entire afternoon soldering all of the little pieces and parts together using the tutorial here. 

I've been spending a lot of time with this...

I’ve been spending a lot of time with this…

However, I got stuck on the wire/speaker part. Turns out that I was using the wrong kind of wire. After a trip to Radio Shack, I was back on track. Another snag, however….I got to the part where I test the project to make sure I’m doing it correctly (you put the battery pack on, but don’t solder it in) and I don’t think I’m doing it correctly. I guess you are supposed to hear something from the speaker at this point, but I do not. I got some tips from my Cohort on what to try next (wet fingers), so I’m going to do that and see what happens.

So, basically, my last two Maker Corps projects have not been successful YET…but, I’m not giving up. One thing I’ve always thought about “making” is that it teaches you to keep trying and to keep figuring things out. I am living proof! And, if you think about this in terms of having MakerSpaces in schools and using them with students…what an amazing way to teach multiple life skills – patience, persistence, grit. At my elementary school, I often see students who get very frustrated if they don’t get something the first time. Sometimes, they just give up. Other times, a parent or teacher may take over for them. It’s important to let students keep trying and to learn that it is okay for things not to work the first time (or second time, third time…). Sometimes, we have to remind ourselves of that too! I’ll keep trying and update you soon!

Make on!



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