Week 33 @npeslearningcommons

We hit the ground running this first week back after Spring Break!

I worked with a 3rd grade class all week on a habitats project using the FaceTalker app. Students used their textbooks to research a habitat. They were working in groups (desert, grassland, rain forest, arctic tundra), and each student was responsible for picking an animal you might see in their group’s habitat. They found a picture of their animal using the ARKIVE website and then recorded their information using the FaceTalker app on the iPad so that it looks like the animal is talking about the habitat. They came out very cute. You can see the finished product here. 

2nd grade is also learning about animals right now, so I helped them do research by pulling animal books from the library for their classroom and teaching them how to find their animal using Animal Kingdom (DISCUS) and Pebble Go Animals in the Computer Lab.

Kindergarten wrapped up learning about birds in the library. I am moving on to oceans next week!

We continued our MakerSpace Moments program. I put out the rainbow loom (again), because that’s the most popular. I also had a LEGO free build area and a drawing area.

5th grade Media Technology students will be learning about coding for the rest of the school year, using lessons from the Code.org website. At first, my plan was to do this for a few weeks (and then move into video game design), but then I learned that Code.org and Donors Choose are partners. If we go through a certain number of lessons, I will earn points on my Donors Choose project, which is AWESOME! If you want to check out my project, go here. We are asking for donations for a 3D printer, because we are MakerSpace CRAZY!

Wednesday was PAWS to Read at Pets, Inc. (kids meet me there to read to the cats and dogs for an hour after school once a month); my last USC class of the semester (they presented their Novel Study Projects); and World Book Night. I was a book giver for the second year in a row. I gave out Wild by Cheryl Strayed (this is a great book, by the way)

Thursday evening was our annual Meet @ Main event where librarians throughout my district encourage students to come to the Lexington County Public Library to hang out, have fun, and enjoy a performance by Porkchop Productions. This event is always a lot of fun.

Friday was Lion Cub Story Time and the theme was BIRDS (of course)! My story time plan will be posted later this week.

I also participated in Week 2 of Maker Corps (blog post about that coming soon)!

It was a great week!

How was YOUR week?



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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