Maker Corps Camp Week 2 @make @makeredorg #possibilities #myjobisfun

I participated in 2 Hangouts for Maker Corps this week. The first was a casual “meet up” on Monday, where I got to meet others from around the United States who are also participating in Maker Corps this summer. That was very cool.

I was unable to attend the official Week 2 Maker Corps Google Hangout *live* on Wednesday and when I watched the YouTube video of it on Thursday, I was so bummed I missed it! Very interesting stuff…this week’s focus was all about ways to get kids involved in “making.” Basically, how can you make sure you are including all kids (boys vs girls, kids with different abilities, etc.)? A couple of ways that I make sure I include all kids in my school are anytime I have a “center” or a MakerSpace set up, I have directions and a model for students to look at. Even when I do something with technology, I always model what I want students to do/create first and then let them go. I also always have them try to get help from their peers before I help them.

On Wednesday, I was inspired by one of my students to build my dogs out of LEGOS. I thought that this would be a good time to try to connect the MakeyMakey to something other than Playdoh, so I built my dogs, Lucky and Mozzy out of LEGOS. Then, I created a background and programmed some barking using Scratch. After that was done, I connected the MakeyMakey to my LEGO dogs and then = barking! I used iMovie on the iPad to make a movie of the fun. 

On Thursday, while watching the Maker Corps Google Hangout from the evening before, I took apart a cell phone. This was the first time I had ever done something like that and it is very cool to see what the inside of a cell phone looks like! I made a fancy character out of my phone parts. I was also determined to learn something about circuits this week, so I played with the Little Bits kit that came in the possibility box on Friday.  I ended up trying to create the lantern that is included in the directions. I was thrilled when it actually worked!

2014-04-25 19.46.18

Cannot wait to see what I get into next week!



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