Week 32 @npeslearningcommons

Week 32 was the last week before SPRING BREAK! Break is so late this year that I think EVERYONE (students AND teachers) was ready for it. I’m not doing anything special for my break…just spring cleaning, reading, seeing friends, and spending time with my dogs and hubby! Sounds perfect, right?

Here’s how we spent our week in the NPES Learning Commons:

*On Monday, my principal told me the good news that MOES donated a big chunk of money to our Donor’s Choose project. So awesome! So many THANKS to you, MOES! And, so many THANKS to my principal for making it happen. We are much closer to actually getting it funded now. Help us if you can? 

*I had a visit from a graduate student on Monday who will be a librarian in my district starting next year. I have visits from these types of graduate students often, but I’m not sure I ever mention it in my blog? I really enjoy visitors like this, because they ask lots of great questions and sometimes really make me think about what I’m doing and if I can do it better. They also often share what their plans are in their libraries and I get good ideas from them. Well worth the couple of hours it takes to show them around 🙂 I also enjoy having interns for the same reason…our intern’s last day was Tuesday. She has done a fantastic job with us and I wish her the best of luck in the future!

*2nd grade Lunch Bunch finished The Year of Billy Miller by Henkes on Friday. They loved the book and I loved Lunch Bunch! I was nervous that this would take a REALLY long time, but we finished in 2 weeks, which was perfect. Last year, when I did Lunch Bunch with 4th graders, it seemed to take FOREVER…we still had a great time, but it was really dragging out. This go around worked out a little better. I wrote a little about Lunch Bunch last week…10 2nd graders (2 from each class) came to the library everyday with their lunch and ate while I read. So easy!

*Makerspace Moments continued this week. We had kids show up for each time, so I think that is a success! I kept the same spaces as last week. I will switch out a couple for after Spring Break.

*We have a class set of iPads in our library. My assistant and I keep a checkout calendar in Outlook. Teachers (including myself) schedule the iPads for their class when they need them. They are used A LOT! I often plan things with my 5th grade Media Technology class where they will be using the iPads, but sometimes, someone else needs them at the same time…usually, that is no issue at all, because Media Technology is in a Computer Lab. However, this week, we were still MAP testing, which means I did not have the lab for Media Technology. And, another teacher had already scheduled the iPads for the same time. So, we had to be in the library (where I have 6 desktop computers and a handful of laptops), and do something that was not focused on a technology tool (a little silly when this is a Media TECHNOLOGY class, right?) What I came up with was Technology Leader Trading Cards. For the first part of this lesson, I came up with a list of Technology Leaders…some, my students had heard of before (like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc.), others, they did not know who they were until they read their biographies. I had folks on my list who create video games, websites, and other cool technology-related stuff. It was fun to hear, “oh! my guy created Minecraft” or “my guy works at Google!” after handing out their information…I had printed out articles about each person (from Biography in Context on DISCUS) and students read the articles, underlined what was interesting to them, and then drafted what they would put on their Trading Card on a template that I gave them. When we met again later in the week (this time in the Computer Lab), they went to Big Huge Labs and used the Trading Card Creator to make their cards. They did a great job! It actually worked out well to not have computers the first day, because they stayed focused on finding the information in their print article.

*I continued my bird lesson with Kindergarten.

*I focused on poetry and banned books with my USC students.

That’s about it! Now = SPRING BREAK!

How was your week?



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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