Week 30

Week 30! We are already into the last 9 weeks of school. How does this happen?

This week was awesome. On Tuesday, Matthew Holm visited our school. He is the co-author and illustrator of the Babymouse and Squish books. He spoke to all grade levels (K – 5). When I first started planning this visit, I was a little nervous about having him speak to everyone, because I thought my Kindergarten and 1st grade maybe wouldn’t be as excited to read his books…but I was SO WRONG and I am SO HAPPY that he did come and speak to everyone! He is excellent with all grade levels…with the little guys, he talks about the books and then has students come up to help him  create a Babymouse and Squish illustration. With the older guys, he goes more into how you write and create a comic book and graphic novel. I love that now my kids who maybe love comics and comic books, but don’t really consider themselves readers, see that reading comics is READING. You can still be a writer and a reader, even if you don’t love to sit down with a big “chapter book.” I also liked that some of my boys who perhaps lump Babymouse in with “girl books” are excited to read about her. Real men read Babymouse! I’ve written about what I did in the library to prepare for his visit. Around the school, each classroom teacher received a copy of one of his books for their classroom libraries earlier in the school year. I sent out weekly emails starting about 3 weeks before his visit with little tidbits on using graphic novels and comics in the classroom. Our art teacher had all students draw cupcakes and she hung them all over the Commons Area of our school. She created a big sign that said, “Matthew Holm, Welcome to our Cupcake Factory.” We had 2 large group presentations in our cafeteria and then a grade level presentation in the library. We ended the day with an artist “workshop” with the art teacher. We had a student lunch with 10 2 graders. It was a fantastic day! If you are interested in bringing him to your school, all of Matthew Holm’s contact information is on his website.

Media Technology students are wrapping up Book Trailers using iMovie and the iPads.

My USC students learned about novels for elementary students, doing book talks, and using “informational text” and GREAT non-fiction with their students.


I spent a lot of time planning our April events. April is a BUSY month…it’s National Poetry Month, School Library Month, and probably a lot of other things too 😉 You can read about our events here…I’ll go into more detail in my blog throughout the month.

How was your week???



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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