Week 29 #makerbot #donorschoose

Week 29!

This week was all Babymouse – all the time! (mostly)

I did Matthew Holm mini-lessons for 1st – 5th grades, to get them excited for our visit (THIS Tuesday!). It was Week 2 of Babymouse with Kindergarten. They watched this supercute “interview” with Babymouse; I read a little bit of Babymouse: Mad Scientist to them (so that they could find out where Squish comes from); and then they visited Centers. I was a little nervous about how reading Babymouse as a read aloud would go…what I did was put the book under the document camera so that students could see the images better and that seemed to work.

5th grade Media Technology students started learning about the iMovie app on the iPads. They are going to create Book Trailers with iMovie. So far, they have picked their book and started on their scripts. I got some awesome ideas for this lesson from this fantastic site. I’m excited to see what they come up with.

I’ve mentioned before that we have an intern from USC in our Learning Commons right now. I have also mentioned that I am getting more and more interested in the Maker Movement (as is my intern). So, we spent some time this week talking about “Making” and planning what this might look like in our libraries. Seems like every good Maker program has a 3D printer and we want one too. So, on Wednesday, we spent time writing a Donor’s Choose Project for a 3D Printer. My intern was very helpful to me in getting this together because I had never used the site before. You can view her project here and my project here. I hope to have some “MakerSpace Moments” in April (with or without a 3D printer)…I am excited to try it out and will be sharing with you!

My USC SLIS 325 students visited the South Carolina Center for Children’s Books and Literacy on Wednesday evening. I love this place – we are so lucky to have it and Kim Jeffcoat (the Director – she’s awesome)! My students shared their Author and Illustrator Projects. They all did a great job and I hope they discovered a new author/illustrator that they will want to continue learning more about.

Thursday and Friday was more Holm and more MakerSpace planning…

And that was about it for my week…how was your week?



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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  2. I can’t wait to hear more about your Makerspace plans! I just received my Makerbot 2 from Donors Choose and had another grant funded to purchase more items. I’d love to share ideas on how to implement a Makerspace in an elementary library setting.

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