Week 28 #scasl14

I was in my building 3 days this week because of the South Carolina Association of School Librarians Annual Conference. Still, it was a busy week…here’s what!

My 5th grade Media Technology students wrapped up their Garageband learning. They did an excellent job matching music to poetry. Next, we will start learning about iMovie.

Our author visit (Matthew Holm) will be here before we know it (March 25). I have done a number of things to try and prepare my teachers and students for his visit. I’ve had a display that we’ve changed out each month since January; I’ve stopped the 1st-5th graders as they’ve come in for check out to announce the visit, remind them about book sales, etc.; I’ve sent out a weekly email to teachers about ways they can use Holm’s books in their classroom; and I gave each classroom teacher a copy of a Babymouse or Squish book for their classroom library. This week, I started doing mini-lessons about Matthew Holm to all grade levels, K – 5. For my 1st – 5th graders, the lesson takes about 15 minutes to go through, so I have been tacking it on to their check out time. With Kindergarten, it takes about 20 minutes, which is perfect, because then they have time to checkout books and visit the Holm centers that I set up in the Learning Commons. In the mini-lesson, I show pictures of Holm, show them on a map where he lives, and tell them about Squish and Babymouse (we watch the book trailers. Kindergarten listens to the “This is Babymouse” song). I also share with all grade levels Centers that I have set up in the Learning Commons – Kindergarten goes through the Centers with me and the 1st – 5th graders can explore when they come in for checkout. The Centers are:

*Play Munch Mouse on the Babymouse website.

*Learn how to draw Babymouse and Squish.

*Explore the Pop the Pic Babymouse app or the Spot the Diff Babymouse app.

I hope that they are enjoying their time learning about Matthew Holm, Babymouse, and Squish and that they are as excited about his visit as I am! I will be focusing on him until his visit and then I have some exciting things (I think) planned for April and May. Is it really possible that there are just 3 months left in this school year?!

On Wednesday, the SCASL conference started. Our conference happens every year in March and I look forward to seeing library friends from all over the state. I understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into planning the conference (I planned our 2008 conference, Power Up @your library)…it’s hard work! Excellent job to this year’s conference planners. On Wednesday afternoon, I presented with a group of other Library Media Specialists in my district (and 1 Technology Integration Specialist). We talked about how we have worked together to create a Learning Commons in our district. I think our presentation went well! There is always a “grand opening” of the Exhibit Hall on the first day of conference, so I stuck around for that and then I was on my way. On Thursday, I attended a few sessions and spent lots of time networking with other library ladies…my favorite session was Toni Buzzeo’s session about using picture books to meet Common Core State Standards. She gave us a list of standards that we pretty much use every time we share a book with a class and ways to be more purposeful about what we do to meet the standards. On Friday, I went to Dr. Waskow’s MakerSpace session and got some good ideas for areas that I can set up in the Learning Commons for “MakerSpaces.” I’ve been interested in MakerSpaces for awhile now and I’m ready to actually jump in and put them into place in my library. Her session was good for the small steps I need to get it going. My last conference stop for this year was a “crowd-sourced” session called “Don’t Worry, Be Appy.” It was organized by Cathy Jo Nelson and basically, there were a number of us who were “planted” to share apps that we use in our libraries with the hopes that others would join in. I shared two Augmented Reality apps – ColAR Mix and IMAG-N-O-TON. Other apps I learned about that I plan to explore soon are: Do Ink (a green screen app) and Klikaklu (an app you use to create picture scavenger hunts).

A great week of teaching and learning! How was your week?


PS – this week was USC’s Spring Break, so no Children’s Literature class…we’ll be together again next week!


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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