@litworldsays #WRAD14 WRAD Raising Our Voices Blogging Challenge – Week 4

I am participating in the World Read Aloud Day Blogging Challenge! You can read about the challenge on The Busy Librarian’s blog.

Week 4: March 3 – 9

Raising Our Voices

It’s time to read aloud! Select a favorite text, or a personal story that you love to share out loud, and make a video. If you don’t have a webcam, are having technical difficulties, or prefer not to be on camera, you can also translate this challenge into a written post. Share what you will be reading on World Read Aloud Day, and why you chose this particular piece to read aloud.

Since I did not actually read aloud for World Read Aloud Day, I am going to share titles of books that my guest readers read…we had a great morning of reading aloud on World Read Aloud Day!

I think every class enjoyed their reader…what did you read on World Read Aloud Day?



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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