@litworldsays #WRAD14 WRAD Raising Our Voices Blogging Challenge – Week 2

I am participating in the World Read Aloud Day Blogging Challenge! You can read about the challenge on The Busy Librarian’s blog.

This week’s prompt is:

Adult & Child
Answering the following questions with a child. The child can be a student or your own. Age does not matter. Make sure to exchange and enjoy answers with one another before sharing them with us.

For answers from a “child,” I asked a few kids who came into the library throughout the week. So, the answers aren’t from just one particular kid, but from several.

1. I think everyone in the world should read…

Me: As much as they can, when they can, BECAUSE they can!

Child(ren): Harry Potter; books about dogs; books about homes; LOTS; Elephant & Piggie books; Squish

2. If I could listen to anyone in the world read aloud to me it would be…

Me: Papa (my grandfather…I wrote about him in last week’s challenge post. I miss him 🙂 )

Child(ren): They chose a variety of celebrities. Most mentioned sports stars. I was glad, because I was able to give Labron James a plug and tell them that he loves to read and reads all the time. I love it when I can share a good reading role model!

3. When I read aloud, my favorite character to impersonate is…

Me: Mo Willems’ Pigeon. Love that guy! (the author and the bird)

Child(ren): I’m not sure they really understood this question, because most mentioned sports stars again. 😉 However, one child said David from the David Shannon books.

4. The genre or author that takes up the most room on my bookshelf (or e-reader) is…

Me: Hard to say, since I get most of my books from the library. I own a number of “yoga” books and texts. I also own a lot of cookbooks. I tend to check out memoirs (about people my age, for the most part) and realistic fiction (mostly young adult).

Child(ren): They love fantasy and scary stories.

5. My favorite part about reading aloud or being read to is…

Me: I love reading a new book aloud to a group of kids, because I really enjoy their reactions. They get so into the story and sometimes even clap at the end. Love that!

Child(ren): Most of the kiddos I talked with said that they like being read to because it is sort of like an “event” or it is often tied to an event. On one hand, this is cool…makes me think how maybe that means it is a special time for them and is fun and exciting. On the other hand, does that mean that they are only being read out loud to for special reasons? Not every night before bed? Not every single day in their classroom? This answer made me wonder…

How would you answer these questions?



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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