Week 24

So, I had a lot of plans for Week 24…but, so did Mother Nature. We were in school Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week? SNOW! ICE! EARTHQUAKE! It has been a little crazy here in SC. The snow and ice is finally melting and the earthquake is over. We go back to school on Tuesday (Monday was already a student holiday), so we’ll be back in action then.

Here’s what I did get done during this two day week:

Our 5th graders focused on poetry this week in our Harlem Renaissance Cafe. We listened to and read a few poems from famous poets of the time. They discussed I, Too by Langston Hughes, using some questions the 5th grade teachers created. Then, they listened to music and brainstormed some words they can use to write their own Harlem – inspired poetry.

I did some Book Award Lessons with K – 2, however nothing new to write about…

Earlier in the year, one of my 3rd grade classes participated in the Global Read Aloud. They read Marty Maguire by Kate Messner and on Tuesday, the class got to Skype with her! It was AWESOME. Messner did a 15 minute Skype with the class. Students had prepared questions that they asked her. The only problem was, Skype was having issues that day, so we dropped the call a couple of times and it was hard to get connected to begin with, but that’s technology. We ended the call via a speaker phone chat using my cell phone. Technology really teaches us all how to be problem solvers and quick thinkers, don’t you think? It was a great experience.

During the call, the snow started to fall, so that sort of wraps up my week!

I had planned to participate in International Book Giving Day with my students this year. My intern prepped a ton of books that we were going to give to classes as they came to the library on Friday. I guess now we are fully prepared for next year 🙂

And, that was my very short week! I hope you were able to stay WARM this week and that you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day 🙂 I’m resting up for the next week…gotta catch up on everything we missed!






About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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