#hourofcode Week 17

We celebrated Computer Science Education Week at my school this week (among other things). Here’s what:

*On Monday, I met with our intern from USC SLIS to work out her schedule for the Spring. She will start in January. Interns are the best, because not only is it nice to have a third person around, but I learn new and good stuff too. 

*On Monday, I helped a 3rd grade class with some research in the Computer Lab. They used links on the 3rd grade tab on our NPES Symbaloo page. 

*5th grade Media Technology students continued working on their “Pac Man” style game in Scratch. They actually finished the game this week, so on to the next thing! 

*I started a snow/snowflake theme with my Kindergarten classes. I created a SMART Notebook file with images of my backyard last time it snowed. They looked at the pictures and had to infer what season it was; what had happened; what they thought would happen when the sun came out, etc. After looking at those pictures, we talked a little bit about the science of snow (I showed them some photos of snowflakes, talking about how there are millions and millions of snowflakes that fall when it snows…all that). Then we read Millions of Snowflakes by Siddals. After reading, I did this snowflake fingerplay.  After checkout, they visited centers. 

My snowflake centers:
1. Make a snowflake using a coffee filter. I showed them as a class how to do this, but I also had picture directions for them to follow (I took photos of myself making a snowflake and put those on the table for them to use as they made their own snowflake). 

2. Make a snowman on Starfall. 

3. Draw a snowman using DoodleBuddy on the iPads. We talked about shapes and things that we could use to draw our snowman. 

*Thursday was one of my most FAVORITE days of the year. Judy Freeman Day! If you are an elementary teacher or librarian or a Children’s Services Librarian at a public library, you MUST attend a Judy Freeman workshop. Each year, she introduces her favorite 100-ish books from the previous year. She book talks them and shares ways you can use them in the library or classroom. VERY WORTH IT. I go every year and I look forward to it every year. Kind of bummed it was so early in the school year this go around…I have to wait that much longer for next time! 

*It was STORY TIME week. Snow/Snowflake theme. Look for that blog post soon! 

*The rest of my time this week was spent with HOUR OF CODE and Computer Science Education Week activities = SO FUN! First thing I did on Monday was send an email out to my teachers, telling them about Computer Science Education Week and promoting what my Technology Integration Specialist and I would do if they signed up to participate. We had a good number of teachers take us up on it (10 classes, to be exact). For most of the classes, we started by telling them what the week was about and sharing this video with them. 3rd – 5th grade watched the entire video and the little guys watched about 3 minutes of it. After watching the video, we showed students how to use the Kodable app on the iPad. They worked in pairs to write their code. A few classes did the Angry Birds tutorial on the Hour of Code website. Many teachers commented on how much they loved the activity, because not only does the video talk about how you can have a career in coding, but the apps and programs helped students with following directions, working as a team, problem solving…important stuff! I think I’ve even been inspired to learn more about code! 

It was a very busy, but wonderful week…and now we only have 4 and 1/2 days left until BREAK! I CAN DO IT! 🙂

How was your week?


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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