2013 – 2014 Week 7 #cardboardchallenge #starwarsreads #myjobisfun

Week 7 rocked!

So much was going on this week! 5th graders participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge. Their teachers showed them Caine’s Arcade and set up guidelines for building; I got lots of cardboard (thanks, Mattress Firm and Follett) and offered the space; the kids brought their creativity and got to work. All week long, they were coming in during recess, in the morning, and staying after school to work on their creations. On Friday, their cardboard creations were on display in the library. SO COOL! I don’t think they will ever forget this experience! Cannot wait for next year!

2013-10-01 12.02.33-1

Kindergarten students participated in Read for the Record this week. I read Otis on WeGiveBooks and then talked about friendship and effort. We talked about what they like to do with their friends. After checking out a book, they drew a picture and wrote about what they like to do. I collected their writing and will create a grade level book for students to look at in the library.

2nd graders continued recording their Weather Podcast each day.

5th grade Media Technology students finally completed their Digital Passport this week and we will move on to something NEW! Finally!

The Global Read Aloud started this week and I have a 3rd grade teacher participating and a 4th grade teacher participating. I know my 3rd grade teacher will be Skyping with her partner class on Friday and my 4th grade teacher is already using Edmodo to communicate with her partner class. Love it!

On Wednesday, our school started LEAD Time. LEAD Time is a time each month where students go to an activity they have selected – LEAD stands for Lions Exploring All Directions. They will choose 2 different LEAD Times over the course of the school year. My LEAD Time is with a 5th grade teacher and we teach our group about Scratch. 

I finished up and sent out the October newslettter.

On Saturday, we celebrated Star Wars READS Day! Like last year, I collaborated with local businesses and other librarians in my district to celebrate. Most of the fun happened at Learning Express. We had storytime (every 30 minutes, a librarian read a Star Wars story), snacks (Wookie Cookies, Starburst candy, etc.), centers (origami, coloring sheets) and kids dressed up as favorite Star Wars character. SO FUN! Each year just gets better and better!

2013-10-06 07.03.38


What fun did you have this week?

PS – You should sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries. 


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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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