2013 – 2014…Week 1! DONE! #b2s13

2013-08-19 07.58.48-1
HAPPY NEW YEAR, readers!

This past week was really Week 2 for me…teachers went back August 12. That week was spent in meetings (school based and district based). I am SO LUCKY to have a full time assistant, because while I was in my meetings, she was able to make all of my OCD thoughts from the summer (displays, signage, etc.) come to life. She’s great. I will post a photo tour of my library soon.

On August 19, our students came back and it was really as though we never left. It was a hard, LONG first week – we started on a Monday and that’s the first time I’ve EVER done that. Everyone looked so sleepy by Friday and I’m sure they are sleeping well this weekend!

During the first week of school with students, I saw my Kindergarten and 5th grade Media Technology fixed classes. Our Technology Integration Specialist and I also met with much of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes to review how to take care of and save things to the classroom iPads. Kindergarten students got an introduction to me and the other folks they might see in the Learning Commons. We also read Wild About Books. 5th graders worked with a number of software programs in the two days we were together. We used Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Wordle, and Tagexdo to create “about me” word clouds. They had to crop, copy, and paste. Lots of little technology skills were built into the lesson and I am always surprised by how much review they need.

I also saw lots of kids who participated in summer reading programs at the public library. If they came to school with their medal or a reading log, they got one of these bookmarks (smells like suntan lotion…for SUMMER reading? 😉 ). You might remember over the summer, I encouraged my teacher and librarian friends to participate in #summerthrowdown. I mailed those prizes this week.

2013-08-12 07.49.23-1

The Learning Commons was the host of many meetings throughout the week – Sip & Sob for Kindergarten parents on the first day of school, faculty meeting, Volunteer Orientation, and Substitute Training. 

I sent out our August/September newsletter. So much good stuff happening!

Next week, we will start library book checkout and EVERYONE will come in! We also have more iPad classes on the schedule AND I hope to meet with all grade levels to say, “hi.”

How was YOUR first week back?



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2 Responses to 2013 – 2014…Week 1! DONE! #b2s13

  1. Angie Enlow says:

    Well this was week 2 for me too!! I was able to meet most of the students this week because every class came to the media center to pick up their textbooks. K classes were largest with 27 and the smallest were first grade with 16 in a class. I have a full time assistant but they haven’t been hired yet. So when they arrive it will be a treat!! This is the first time I have had to make library cards. I have finger scan and id’s before so this was new. I made some that can be used over each year. They are laminated and the kids will be able to personalize by writing fav books and activities in the media center. Fifth graders will be able to take them at the end of the year and I’l save them to use again next year for K-4. Looking forward to orientations next week and then check out begins !! This nine weeks CCSS mini-lessons will be how to do small research projects. Let the games begin!!

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