I love my Richland Library #richlandlibrary

So, tonight I attended the Richland County Council Meeting to voice my support for placing a bond referendum for library capital funding on the ballot in November. Our public library is asking for some moolah come November and it is SO NEEDED. What I learned when I got there was that our County Council is pretty smart and they are totally planning on putting it on the ballot, so I did not get to speak….I wanted to share what I was going to say here…I wrote it – I should share it, right? Support your public library, friends!

I am Valerie Byrd Fort and I have lived or worked in Richland County since 1980. I support and encourage the Richland County Council members to approve placing a bond referendum for library capital funding on the ballot in November. Here’s why – it feels like I’ve grown up with Richland Library.

As a child and young adult, I would go to the St. Andrew’s Branch once a week with my parents – back when it was across the street from Dutch Square. When the new branch opened on Broad River Road I was SO EXCITED – there were so many more books!

As an adult, I continue to go to the Richland Library at least once a week. I now visit The Link in Ballentine.  A branch of the Library in Ballentine was SO NEEDED and I am so thankful that it is there.

As a school librarian and I am constantly requesting books from Richland Library to supplement my collection when students are doing research or when I do not have a book that a student wants. I also LOVE the summer reading program at Richland Library. It helps get kids excited about reading, which prevents the summer slide that kids can suffer from when they don’t read during the summer.  They even have a program for adults, so be sure to sign up!

As an adjunct professor at USC, I bring my students to the library every semester to hear about the different services available to them as future teachers and I am always in awe of the resources that my Richland Library has to offer.

I use my library all the time and for many different reasons – I check out print materials and digital materials for myself and for my students. And, even though I am a librarian, I often need the services and expertise of the librarians at Richland Library.

I am 37 years old and It is surprising to me that the last time Richland Library was given money for major growth and expansion was when I was 12 years old….clearly, it is time for Richland Library to have the opportunity to expand services for all of Richland County.

Thank you,



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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