Week 30

What a GREAT week at NPES!

Phil Bildner visited my school on Wednesday, April 10. He also visited two other schools in my district this week and we all have the same word to describe his time at our schools = FANTASTIC!

Phil Bildner is an author you want at your school – any grade level. He was awesome with our kids (K – 5th grade) and I could totally see him being awesome with kids in middle and high school too. He talks about his writing process and shares how his work comes together with an illustrator…normal “author visit” stuff. But, he also does something I LOVED and was my FAVORITE thing about his presentations…his focus on READING. Not just reading HIS books, but reading, PERIOD. He shared his favorite books, why it is important to read, asked our kids what they are reading. It was totally awesome and perfect. Here are a few tidbits/quotes I wrote down from his presentation….

“First step to doing research is to read a picture book! Check out the sources – the author has done a lot of your work for you! Go to those websites, find those books.”


“Challenge yourself to be an extreme reader!” Basically – read everything, try it all.

Finally, his advice for kids who grow up to be authors doing author visits: “don’t spit on the kids and make sure your characters have butts.” Good advice!

Bildner’s visit was obviously the highlight of my week. But, of course, there was other stuff going on too. Kindergarten read books about baseball and visited baseball-themed centers. Media Technology students are creating book trailers using iMovie. This week, I will be focusing on books about books, libraries, and reading in honor of National Library Week – my favorite week, of course (well, one of them… 🙂 )

Have a wonderful week, readers!




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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