Week 25 – MO! and some other stuff…

This week!

Kindergarten = I like to follow up book award voting with a lesson on MY favorite author (since we talked about our favorite books and voted for our favorite book award nominee last week, this is a natural next step…at least, that’s how I look at it!). We will be spending the next few weeks on (you guessed it!) MO WILLEMS! This first lesson focused on the Pigeon. Next week, we are actually going to take a little break from Mo and learn about Dr. Seuss (it is Read Across America Week, after all), but when we get back to Mo, we will focus on Knuffle Bunny and we will finish up our Mo lessons with Elephant and Piggie. Each week, I highlight his books and then students go to a center. There are 3 centers – computer (www.pigeonpresents.com); draw the pigeon on the iPad using the Doodle Buddy app (I have printed directions for drawing the pigeon at the center); and watch a video (I borrowed some Mo videos from the public library). Each student will get to go to each center at least once. You know how there are experts on particular authors? Like, there was a professor at USC who was a F. Scott Fitzgerald expert and he was sought out to talk about him and taught courses only about Fitzgerald….I wonder if I could become an expert on Mo (I mean, even more than I already am)? I could totally talk about his books and teach little kids and college kids about him all day, every day…I love him that much! 

2nd and 5th graders reviewed for our upcoming Technology Assessment with our Technology Integration Specialist in the Learning Commons. They will take the assessment this week.

5th grade Media Technology students completed all of the tasks on Digital Passport. I think that Digital Passport is well worth the time of going through all of the lessons with students. It is mostly self-led. We did start each lesson with the “ice breaker” activity that they recommend and we watched the video as a whole class (with a discussion) before they went to play the game for that lesson. They had to watch the video again when they logged in on their own, but many fast forwarded to get the game…which is why we watched it as a class to begin with. They would have fast forwarded it whether or not we watched it together and the video is one of the best (and most important) parts of the lesson. We made them do the game again if they did not get a passing score. This forced them to actually read through the questions in the games and hopefully learn something! The topics were cyberbullying, copyright, privacy, use of devices, and searching. All things they need to know! Next week, we will move on to learning how to use the iPad and various apps on it. They are excited about that! So are we!

I hope YOU have a wonderful week! What are you doing for Read Across America/Dr. Seuss’ Birthday?



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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