Week 21

FIRST! Monday was the TEDxColumbia event. I was there for the morning speakers and it was just awesome. My favorite talk was the very first one, Chase Mizzell. What a smart, smart kid. He has made it possible for all of the leftover food in the USC cafeterias to be donated to homeless shelters. SO AWESOME. I also very much enjoyed (and agreed with) J.J. Shephard. He does research on video games and education. I’m sure videos of the talks will be posted soon, so I’ll share.

On to NPES! More SC Picture Book Award nominees with Kindergarten and 1st grade!

I read Polar Opposites by Brooks. 1st graders are learning about opposites in their classroom, so after reading, we did a picture walk back through the book to spot all of the opposites. Then, we played this game online. With Kindergarten, I did the same thing with this book, except they also had some cards with pictures and words that they had to find the opposites for after they checked out their book.

I have also been reading Pierre the Penguin by Marzollo to Kindergarten this week. With them, I stopped reading right before you get to the part where Pam has the idea to help Pierre by getting a wetsuit made for him and my students brainstormed and wrote about ways THEY would help Pierre. Really cute ideas! Some would put him in a hot tub; some would go swimming with him; and some would put a sweater on him. Cute! After they completed their writing, we read the rest of the story. I got the idea for this lesson from this blog.

I helped 2nd graders with PowerPoints about continents.

We started a new group of Media Technology majors, so they created “get to know you” Wordles and learned about Tagxedo. 

There was lots of planning for upcoming events this week – on February 1, we are celebrating National Bubble Gum Day and hosting our big 100th Day of School event for Kindergarten. February 6 is Digital Learning Day and we have big plans in store for that!

Hope your week was great!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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