Week 20 and FSL

Week 20 was very much like Week 19, especially for my K, 1 kiddos. Same books/lessons to different classes.

I finished up the composer research lesson/project with our music teacher. 5th graders researched a composer and then made a trading card using this app.

Our Technology Integration Specialist led our 5th grade Media Technology class on a lesson about Wonderopolis. Students explored the site and found a “wonder” that was interesting to them. Then, they answered some questions about the wonder and created a presentation to share with others about what they found. This week was our last week with this group of 5th graders. We will have a new group when we get back to school on Tuesday.

A 3rd grade class came to the Learning Commons for help with their habitat research project this week. I gathered books, pulled together some websites, and helped them find information while they were in the library. All links that I put together for my classes this year are posted to our school Symbaloo page.

I also helped a 2nd grade class start research on continents. I gathered sites for them, pulled a set of encyclopedias for them, and helped them search in their classroom using our class set of iPads. That project will continue this week.

We have an intern/student teacher from the College of Mass Communications & Information Studies at USC (the library school) in the library who started this week! I really enjoy hosting student teachers in my library – especially during this time of year. I have had student teachers in the Fall before, but that is a tough time for them to really get a feel for what it is like in the library. Much of the Fall is all about procedures, orientation, and Book Fair (not to mention Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays). Spring is when much of the research/collaboration seems to happen and there are always lots of events and celebrations going on (Read Across America Day, National Library Week, author visits, etc.). It is very nice to have extra hands and new ideas during this busy time of year!  I look forward to our time together and all of the great things we are going to be able to do!

On Thursday and Friday, I went to the first session of a program I am doing through the SC Department of Education, Foundations of School Leadership. We will meet 3 more times during the course of the program – in June, October, and next February. We will communicate between sessions via Edmodo. When I applied, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I don’t EVER intend to be a school principal or assistant principal, but I do consider myself a leader in my school (every school librarian should!) and I want to get better at being a leader. I am so glad I applied and am able to be a part of this program – it is exactly what I need. Basically, the first 2 days of the program were spent learning about our personalities and our leadership style and how to use that information as a teacher leader in our school.

My MBTI Personality type (from http://www.myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/the-16-mbti-types.asp) is (drumroll, please):
Seek meaning and connection in ideas, relationships, and material possessions. Want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others. Conscientious and committed to their firm values. Develop a clear vision about how best to serve the common good. Organized and decisive in implementing their vision.

*My J score was off the charts. That was not a surprise. I make a list for my lists!

My Leadership Style (from http://www.salary.com/what-s-your-personality-style/)  is (surprise!):
Spirited: A Spirited personality style is a combination of high assertiveness and high expressiveness. Those with a Spirited style make a big effort to influence the thoughts and behaviors of others and display emotions when they relate to others. You might characterize someone with this style as enthusiastic, optimistic, talkative, impulsive, and emotional. In addition, someone with a Spirited personality is a great problem solver and very persuasive in motivating others. Spirited personality style people thrive on recognition, popularity, and praise that they receive from others. And they don’t like structure or too many rules.

These results weren’t really a surprise to me (and probably not to those reading this who know me), but it was interesting to really talk about the results and to even talk with others who are opposites to see how they think and to begin to understand why I feel that sometimes I am too overwhelming for others in my excitement (leadership style) and why I love yoga and running and sitting in the quiet (personality type). Eye opening!

What I also loved about FSL was spending time with other teacher leaders from schools all over the state. I almost wish we had more time to spend with each other – I look forward to working with this great group of educators. Thank you to my friend, Betsy Long, for telling me about the program!

Tomorrow is Columbia’s TEDx event – you know I’ll be there and you know I’ll be sure to blog about it next week!

Have a great week, readers!


PS – Please keep my good, good friend Mary in your thoughts. She is a WONDER WOMAN breast cancer survivor (she was diagnosed in 2011 and after chemo and radiation  she got a clean bill of health in December 2012…she was even featured on the news because she ROCKS!). Last week, she found a lump and she has been diagnosed with breast cancer…again. She’s going to beat it, because she’s awesome, but she will be going to MD Anderson tomorrow and I think positive thoughts being sent her way will only make things easier and better. Do it, because I love her!




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