Week 19

This week, I started reading South Carolina Picture Book Award nominees to 1st and 2nd graders (starting a little late with them – note to self for next year!)

To 1st graders, I read (this was not all done in one class time, obviously….I visited each classroom a few times throughout the week – or they came to see me in the library):

Seed, Soil, Sun by Peterson – Before I read the book, I showed them a bag of seeds and a bag of soil and I asked them to describe the seeds and soil using their 5 senses. As I read the book, I had them listen for a new fact about seeds, soil, or sun. After reading the book, they shared their fact with a neighbor and then 5 of them shared their facts with the class. This book is perfect for 1st grade because they will learn about plants later in the year. One of the first grade classes did this with me during their Related Arts time (I had to cover for one of our other teachers), so they had more time with me. I read the book and did the same discussion activity above, but we also watched/read Tops & Bottoms by Stevens on Tumblebooks – good fiction book to tie in with a non-fiction book about plants.

How Rocket Learned to Read by Hills – 1st grade teachers told me that they are talking about alphabetical order in their classroom, so after reading this SUPER cute story, they got into groups and put the alphabet in order. I used the letter cards available here. I also read this to my kindergarten classes this week, but instead of doing the alphabet activity, they wrote about what they thought Rocket liked about reading and drew a picture/wrote about what they like about reading (template available with the letter cards). I walked around and wrote what they wanted to say on post-it notes for them to look at as they wrote.

Pierre the Penguin by Marzollo – This is a really good non-fiction read aloud. Earlier in the year, I talked about fiction vs non-fiction with our 1st graders, so I was able to review that lesson. Since 1st grade is preparing for animal research and note taking, I did a note taking lesson with this book. Before reading Pierre, we watched a little news segment about him and used a circle thinking map to take notes on the SmartBoard. I had a picture of the book cover in the middle of the circle and we wrote down what we knew about Pierre and/or penguins in one color. I read the book and we wrote down what we learned in another color. To wrap it up, we viewed the penguin cam!

2nd graders read Polar Opposites by Brooks. They are learning about oceans and continents, so we looked at a map of where the characters in the book live and where they meet up. Then, we played this game to see if we knew the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic.

I’m excited that our school is participating in The Great Kindness Challenge this upcoming week (January 14 – 18), so we had 5th grade Media Tech create a “thank you” collage for someone in our school using the PicCollage app on the iPads.

A great (BUSY) week! I’m ready for the next one (a short week)!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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