Week 11

Week 11 was fast and furious!

We were in school Monday, out of school Tuesday (Election Day), had a half day on Wednesday (Collaborative Planning Day), in school Thursday, and I was out on Friday (Judy Freeman Workshop)…so, it was nuts! There was still lots to do though – here’s what happened this week:

Finished Emotions project (I wrote about it last week).

Started online research with 5th graders who are working on learning about inventors. They are using links I gathered for them and that are located on our Symbaloo page. They found and saved a picture of their inventor and invention. A few also started exploring Glogster EDU to create their presentations. We’ll work more (and hopefully finish) this week.

Lunch Bunch continued to read Because of Mr. Terupt. We will finish tomorrow (Monday). I will do another Lunch Bunch after the Winter break. I’m almost tempted to just stick with 4th grade, but we’ll see. I know some 2nd graders who are dying to eat lunch in the Learning Commons 🙂 I’ve also had a request for a 5th grade Lunch Bunch, but their lunch is when I have my Kindergarten, so I don’t think I’m going to be able to work that out…we shall see.

All classes got to hear about Book Fair and watch the Book Fair preview video. Book Fair starts TOMORROW! If you are in the mood to buy some great, new books – come see my Book Fair! You don’t have to be a NPES Lion to shop 🙂 We are open November 12 – 16, 7:25am – 3pm.

Our Media Technology class met one time this week, so we quickly recorded the podcast, filmed The Mane News, and then learned how to use Voki.

Kindergarten students asked our principal some questions about being a leader via Facetime in the Learning Commons on Thursday. Leadership is a focus in my district and all grade levels are learning about what it takes to be a leader. Of course our principal is a perfect leader to learn about and ask questions of! Even though he is just across the hall, we used Facetime because Kindergarten students get a thrill out of seeing someone they know on TV – isn’t that funny?

On Friday, I got to hear about great new books with Judy Freeman! My MOST favorite day of the year. If you are a classroom teacher or librarian or just someone who loves books, this is a workshop you must checkout. Judy travels with BER all across the country doing these workshops. Well worth the money. I learn about so many great books (and ways to use books I’ve already heard of). LOVE IT!

Other things that happened this week:

On Tuesday, I had my first ever acupuncture appointment. It was interesting. I go back on Thursday.

I helped with Girls on the Run after school on Thursday – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program.

I met with my fellow elementary school librarians in my district on Wednesday to lesson plan and see what’s happening in our schools. Always nice to see (and share) what others are doing.

I am on the planning committee for our district Instructional Fair. This is like a one day conference that takes place in February. We met on Thursday.

This weekend was HOMECOMING for the University of South Carolina, so of course, I had some fun stuff to do for that. I love those Gamecocks.

AND yesterday (Saturday), I finished up setting up for BOOK FAIR! I didn’t have too much to do because I have a super, duper assistant who did much of it on Friday afternoon while I was at Judy Freeman.

WHEW! After yoga, my plan today is to RELAX and gear up for another busy week.

I hope you have some time to relax today too!




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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