Week 6

It does not seem possible that we are already to Week 6 in this school year!

This week was a short one. We had Collaborative Planning on Wednesday and a Parent/Teacher Conference Day on Friday. We packed a lot in during the time we were at school though!

Kindergarten students participated in Read for the Record. We read Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad on the SMARTBoard via Jumpstart’s We Give Books website. Then, they checked out a book and got to pick a station to visit where they either explored one of the Ladybug Girl activities on the Ladybug Girl webpage (which is wonderful) or drew a picture of a ladybug to display in the library.

4th graders learned about the South Carolina Children’s Book Award books, our punch card that we are using this year, and our Edmodo 2012-2013 Book Award Book Club (same lesson that I did with 5th graders last week).

Speaking of Edmodo, our Technology Integration Specialist and I hosted an Edmodo Q & A session for parents on Wednesday morning. Are you using Edmodo in your schools? We have taken it district wide this year…I think it is great for sharing resources and communicating with students, but with anything new, there are challenges! We are working our way through those, I think!

One 4th grade class started reading The One and Only Ivan with the Global Read Aloud Project. I am loving reading this book with this class. I am trying to come in during the teacher’s read aloud time each day. After they read, they are commenting or sharing what they think with another 4th grade class in Canada. This is such a good book and I know they are going to love it.

LEAD Time was on Wednesday. I’ve talked about LEAD Time before…on Collaborative Planning Days (early release for the kids), we have different groups that teachers and staff lead. Kids picked which group they wanted to participate in. I am leading a Scratch group with a 5th grade teacher. Last time, we showed them step by step how to do things like make the cat dance in Scratch. This time, we mostly let them explore and see what they could figure out. I printed out cards from the Scratch website that we also had around, in case they wanted to try those out. I’m VERY excited for our next meeting, when they learn how to make THEMSELVES dance.

The Technology Integration Specialist and I only saw our Media Technology class once this week because of the schedule…they continued to work on learning how to use Garageband to create a podcast. Hopefully, we will start a podcast for the school this week.

The most exciting part of my week was SATURDAY. We participated in the first ever Star Wars READS Day with our local comic book store, Comic Nirvana. I saw Star Wars READS Day advertised over the summer and signed up right away for an event kit. I also shared information with Comic Nirvana, because I know he likes to try to do things with our schools. Comic Nirvana connected us with Judy’s Cafe and Bakery and Learning Express. Judy’s hosted our event. Comic Nirvana and Learning Express donated tons of giveaways. And I promoted it BIG TIME. We also paired up with another school in our district, Meadow Glen Elementary. We had prizes, story time, STORMTROOPERS, kids came in Star Wars costumes, Judy’s made Star Wars cookies. It was awesome. I am already excited to do it again next year – I’ve got some ideas to make it BETTER!

I hope you had a fantastic week!




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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