Week 4

Hard to believe that we are already in Week 4 of the new school year!

I realized mid-week that I did not tell you about what we did with our 5th grade Media Technology students last week…so, I’ll start with them for this week. LAST WEEK, the Technology Integration Specialist and I showed them how to create QR Codes (using QRStuff, my favorite QR code generator). They made codes for teachers, printed them out, and put them by their classroom doors. When you scan the QR Code, it should take you to the teacher’s public Edmodo profile page. THIS WEEK, we shared with them how to use and troubleshoot iPads BECAUSE we got 74 of them for classroom use this week! SO EXCITING! We have divided the iPads up so that each Kindergarten and 1st grade classroom has 1 and all other grade levels have 2 in each classroom. The idea is that if they need more, they can share between grade levels. We also have 29 in the Learning Commons for folks to checkout as needed – for a whole class, for small groups, etc.

All 1st-5th graders got a mini-lesson on using our self-checkout.

Kindergarten students are still going through the book care lesson (Dot Day threw us off a little).

Wednesday was LEAD Time…we are doing something new this year with LEAD Time. Basically, all teachers are hosting sessions on various topics. Kids were told about everything that was being offered (baking, kite flying, techno time, etc.) and got to pick where they want to go for LEAD Time. My LEAD Time is with one of our 5th grade teachers…we are sharing SCRATCH with our kids. We have a group of 16 2nd – 5th graders and this time around, we spent time learning how to use SCRATCH and trying to make the cat dance (this makes sense once you visit the website). Our LEAD Time will be on Collaborative Planning Days. We are following the SCRATCH Curriculum Guide for our lessons. So fun!

On Tuesday, I attended an all day district session on Common Core Implementation. I am on our school leadership team for helping teachers use and understand the new Common Core standards. That team will meet all day, once a month. If your school or district is doing something similar, make sure you are on that committee. The Teacher Librarian and Technology Specialist are crucial in helping to support teachers with these new standards.

After school on Monday, I hosted an “Appy Hour” for teachers. I shared some of my “must have” apps with them for the iPad and iPhone. You can see all the apps I shared on this “Apps we Like” Pinterest Board I started for my school.

Finally, Wednesday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day and to celebrate, I gave each of my teachers some PIRATE BOOTY. Arrrrrrrr!



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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