Week 3 – We love #dotday!

This week, we celebrated The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds in our Learning Commons. I LOVE this book! Every year around September 15, students and teachers from all over the world celebrate The Dot. Here’s what we did:

Most of our Kindergarten students watched The Dot on BookFlix and then drew the first letter of their first name on a paper plate in dots. We Skyped with other Kindergarten classes when we finished. On Tuesday, we Skyped with Shannon Miller in Iowa, on Friday, we Skyped with Cally Flinkinger in Vermont, and tomorrow (Monday), we will Skype with Donna MacDonald, who is also in Vermont. My Wednesday Kindergarten class TRIED to watch Peter Reynolds read The Dot on Ustream on Wednesday, but our Internet connection was not the best and it kept buffering 😦 We still had a great time creating our dots! All of their dotty creations are on display in a large swirly gold frame in the Learning Commons.

I had a couple of 1st grade classes during Related Arts this week (we are MAP testing and when we MAP test, our students cannot go to Computer Lab for Related Arts…they have to go somewhere though!). With the 1st grade classes, I started with a walking tour of the Learning Commons. Not Dot-related, but something I felt they needed. After our tour, we watched The Dot on BookFlix, checked out a book and then drew a dot and made something out of it (a flower, a sunshine, cherries, etc.). One class has their dots on display in the Learning Commons and we made a class book with the other class dots.

The rest of 1st grade and all 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders made their mark when they came to the Learning Commons for checkout. We put poster paper (framed in swirly gold) on the ends of our Everybody Fiction shelves with bowls of crayons. We encouraged them to make their mark and sign their name sometime during their library checkout time. Our posters are dotterific!

I will create a slide show of pictures from Dot Day tomorrow – I promise to post it!

Also, this week, I continued to promote our National Library Card Sign Up month program. We want ALL students and teachers to have a library card to the public library. They show us their card, we check their name off using a class roster. They have all month to do this. Classes with 100% will earn a prize.

I also planned our Star Wars READS Day event (October 6)…more details soon 🙂



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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