Pet Rocks, Chickens, Musical Chairs, and Mom

If you had come to my Library Media Center Learning Commons this week, here is what you would have seen:

Kindergarten students wrapped up learning about Mo Willems. We read We Are in a Book! and then voted for (on the SMARTboard) our favorite Willems characters (Pigeon, Elephant & Piggie, Knuffle Bunny, or all of them – Pigeon won). After checking out, they went to their Mo centers for the last time. I also worked with 2 Kindergarten teachers this week (outside of “library time”) on some animal research in their classroom. Students worked in groups to research an animal. We split the students up and they used non-fiction books, websites (Enchanted Learning, San Diego Zoo – I created a Symbaloo webmix that directed them to the websites they needed for their animal), and the World Book Animals iPad app. They used a graphic organizer to chart their information. They did an awesome job!

1st graders got to celebrate National Pet Month by reading Me Want Pet! After reading this fun book, we talked about how to take care of pets and then everyone got to leave with their very own pet rock (got this idea from the super wonderful Shannon Miller). They wrote about their new pet…they had to name it and then explain how to take care of it. I hope their pets are loving their new homes 🙂

2nd graders played musical book chairs (an idea found on Pinterest – I can’t find the pin). I had chairs set up in a circle. There was a book on each chair. Students walked around the chairs with a pencil and a reading log while music was playing. When the music stopped, they looked at the book on the chair. We talked about how to look at a book beforehand (look at the cover, the book flaps, the back, skim the pages, do a picture walk, etc.). They spent 1 QUIET minute with each book. After a few times around, they could choose one to take home. I think they found some new (to them) books to read – lots were checked out from the chairs after each class!

5th grade Media Technology students are researching a leader using Glogster. We have been very focused on leaders this school year and we tried to get them to research someone they didn’t already know much about and to think out of the box of the typical “leader.” We’ve got students researching authors, business leaders, and sports figures. That works!

Finally, it was storytime week! This month’s theme is CHICKENS!

I read Interrupting Chicken.

My assistant made these Interrupting Chicken party poppers for everyone, but I used them for Chickens to the Rescue! I asked them to only blow on the chickens when the chickens came to the rescue in the story. Of course some kids blew on them the whole time, but who cares? They were having fun and that’s the point!

Because this was the last storytime for the school year, the last book I read was Chicken Cheeks. I think this book is so funny. It’s all about animal bottoms and ends with THE ENDS. Perfect for a last storytime, right?

I meant to do the chicken dance at some point during storytime, but I forgot. If you do this storytime, don’t forget! How fun would it be to watch 3 and 4 year olds (and their grown ups) do the chicken dance?!

Their craft was a paper plate chicken and the snack was “chicken feed” (Kix cereal – looks like corn).

A great week, I think! Next week will be focused on promoting Book Fair – coming May 21 – 25!


PS – Today is Mother’s Day. This is the first without my mom. Today has been a little harder than other days, but I have awesome people in my life who are lifting me up in their thoughts – thank you, sweet friends, for your notes, texts, and small gifts. Today is a day to remember my mom (and all of the mom figures in my life) and I’m thankful for that.


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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