Mo, Book Taste, and Story Time!

Happy Earth Day, readers (I love Google’s doodle today)!

This week in the Learning Commons-

*I kicked off my Mo Willems unit with kindergarten. I am totally in love with Mo and I enjoy sharing his books with EVERYONE, but especially with kindergarten students. We will be learning about Mo and reading his books until the end of the year (sounds like a really long time, but it’s not…this will be a 4 week author study). This week, I shared some biographical information about him with my classes and we watched/read The Pigeon Wants a Puppy. Centers are all Mo-based, so after the lesson and checkout, they visit one of the following centers (which will remain the same all month, the students are in groups of 4 and will rotate) –

1. Listening Center – Books and CDs by Mo Willems from the public library are there for them to listen to.

2. Reading Center – Books by Mo from the public library are there for them to read with a friend.

3. Computer Center – Explore Pigeon Presents.

4. App Center – Explore Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App!

5. Matching Center – I have a pigeon matching game that I got from the sale bin at Barnes & Noble they can play at this center.

6. Movie Center (if needed – on a laptop) – I checked out a Scholastic Pigeon DVD from the public library.

*1st and 2nd grade had checkout only this week. During 1st and 2nd grade teacher planning time (since students were with guidance, I was able to meet with teachers during their planning = yay!), I scheduled a small group animal and plant research lesson with a 1st grade teacher and did some planning with a 2nd grade teacher who wants to create a digital portfolio of writing for each student. More about these projects later this month 🙂

*We are MAP testing this week, so I had a random 5th grade class that I typically never see as a group (during MAP testing, the Computer Lab that is used in our Related Arts rotation is occupied, so if a class has Computer Lab, they are scheduled somewhere else during MAP testing – this week, I got this class). They are Musical Theater majors and are a mix from all of our 5th grade classes.  I have been reading about this “Book Taste” lesson and I decided to try it with this group. I loved it. I THINK they did too. Basically, you pull books that you think students would like (you can theme your selections, but we did not), let each student spend 2 minutes with the book, and then pass it on to the person next to them. They had forms on which they wrote title, author, notes about the book, and then circled a rating. I let them check out 1 book that they saw that interested them. Most of the class ended up checking out, so I feel it was a success!

*This week was Park North and Lion Cub Storytime. April is National School Library Media Month, so the theme was BOOKS AND READING! I read…

*Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates

*Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed by Eileen Christelow

*Book! Book! Book! by Deborah Bruss

Kids helped me with this one. I made “flannels” by printing out clip art of the animals that are mentioned in the story. I laminated them and put velcro on the back. I handed out the animals before reading and the kids made the noise of each animal when I got to their part in the story.

*Read it, Don’t Eat It! by Ian Schoenherr

*For the craft, they made bookmarks with blank cardstock. Kids colored them, put stickers on them, etc.

*Snack was a bag of gummi worms (BOOK WORMS!)

It was a great, BUSY week in my Learning Commons – I hope YOU had a great week too!


PS – I mentioned before that I am lucky enough to be the 2011 – 2012 Teacher of the Year for my school. My school district had a celebration for all of us on Thursday evening and it was SO NICE. THANK YOU, Lexington 1! John Paul Sellers, teacher at Red Bank Elementary, was named the District Teacher of the Year and I am so happy for him! He’s awesome! You should check out what he does with kids (this is just one thing he does, in addition to lots more!) – Kool Kidz and a Radio.


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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2 Responses to Mo, Book Taste, and Story Time!

  1. Hi Valerie, I tried doing the Book Tasting last week, and the kids loved it. What a great, and simple way to get them ready for summer. They all left with a list of at least 5 (and most had more) books they want to read. I did it with Grades 2 through 5…great way to get some new and older books circulating. Also, another positive outcome were the discussions that happened at each table as the kids recommended books to each other and got excited about their lists. Thanks for sharing! Love your blog.

    • Love it! Thank you for your kind words! I am going to do something similar to a book tasting this week with my 2nd graders, but I’m doing it more like musical chairs…a Pinterest inspired idea! I’ll blog about it next week 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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