This week at school was more Brod Bagert and centers fun with K – 2. We (TIS, me, interns) helped 2nd grade with some research and with making PowerPoints about continents (teachers had already decided what they wanted to do with the kids…next time, maybe a Glogster?). And we worked on editing with MovieMaker and creating PhotoStories with 5th grade Media Technology students.

This week was also the South Carolina Association of School Librarians Conference in Greenville, SC. I was only able to go on Friday due to a BIG event at my school on Thursday. This post will be about what I learned during my short time at SCASL.

Thursday evening – I learned that Jason’s Deli is the bomb. We have one in the Vista in Columbia, but I have never been able to make it there to eat. I was excited when I discovered there was one close to my hotel. Delish!

Friday, 8am session – “You Don’t Spell ‘Blog’ B-L-A-H-G Kelly Knight, Tamara Cox & Jennifer Chesney

I blog and have been blogging for a long time. Just recently, I have been better about being a regular blogger and wanted to go to this session to see what else I can do with my blog (looking for ideas!) and I want to do more blogging with my students…this session seemed to be about just that and I know that Kelly and Tamara are super duper (I now know that Jennifer is super duper too), so this was my first stop for the morning. Great presentation! Started with tips for new bloggers and then each person presented what they do at their grade level (Kelly = elementary / Tamara = middle / Jennifer = high). Kelly blogs with her 3 – 5th grade students and I totally plan to get her lesson plan and perhaps do that next year with our 3 – 5th graders. I found out about some new to me blogs during the session too. A few of my new favorites:

Rookie Mag – For high school girls and those adult women not ready to give up teenage fun and fashion yet.

Cragmont Elementary Library Blog – Looks like this blog might be coming to an end, but there are still great posts to check out.

Let me Think: Adventures in a School Library

9:15am session – “Reimagining Education @ your library” Valerie Byrd Fort and Janet Boltjes

MY session! I will devote an entire blog post to this, I promise. Janet and I are working on it together (or, we will be…soon). This session was all about our experience at REIMAGINE:ED in September.

10:30am session – Creating & Expanding Dr. David Loerstcher’s KBC (Knowledge Building Center) Michelle Andis

Michelle is a Lexington 1 Library Media Specialist and new to us this year. When she first got to us, we were so happy to find out that she was a student of Dr. David Loerstcher! We are moving to a Learning Commons concept in our district and using Loerstcher’s materials as our guide, so it is wonderful to have someone in our district with first hand knowledge about how to move to a Learning Commons. SO, her presentation was about the online piece of the Learning Commons – the Virtual Commons, where you put all the STUFF you collect and gather for your teachers and students. Michelle is an excellent speaker and her session was FAB! Like I knew it would be!

Friday afternoon – I learned that I love Trader Joe’s (that’s not new, actually. I knew that already)

To wrap up, I enjoyed my time in Greenville and I learned lots, thanks, SCASL!


PS – Mom’s marker is up and it is lovely. Now we can start giving her flowers every week. In case you ever drop by with flowers, remember – no yellow ones, please 🙂


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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