Sunday! Did you set your clocks? Spring forward! I really love this time of year. I will take more daylight anytime. I don’t even mind the loss of sleep time. I’m not a big sleeper these days anyway.

I tried something new this week that seemed to work well and I will totally do again. Maybe not every month, but months when it makes sense. What did I try? CENTERS!

Here’s the scoop. We started learning about Brod Bagert this week. He is spending April 3 with us. He’s a poet. To me, poetry is all about playing with words and letters. SO, what I did (and what I plan to do for the rest of the month) is read one of his books (I picked Giant Children to start = who doesn’t love a poem about a booger?). Explained each station, told them that they will get to visit each station throughout the month. That seemed to really help with the feeling like I didn’t like them because they did not get a device of some sort.

Stations/Centers are:

1. Listening Center – I have CDs of Brod reading his poetry.

2. Reading Center – I pulled some of my favorite poetry titles.

3. Starfall/ABCya at the computer

4. iPad/iPhone – Rhyming Words app with K, 1 and Sparklefish with 2nd

5. Fun with words (2 of these…especially for my larger classes). They could make words using magnets or scrabble pieces or  play a rhyming card game.

LOVED this. They were on task, seemed to be having fun, and they get to do something different next time around.

Other fun happening in my library this week –

*5th grade Media Technology finally explored how to use equipment for The Mane News.

*Started some continent research with 2nd grade. One of those collaborations where I am really kind of helping out after everything has been planned, but that’s okay! Now I know about the project and can offer some suggestions for next time! The only thing I would do different is not have them Google Image search. That always makes me nervous.

*Return of POETRY BREAKS! I went to every 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classroom on Thursday to introduce Brod Bagert and to let them know his books can be pre-ordered for the book signing. Note to self: do this every year before the author visit! We got lots of forms turned in on Friday for book orders.

*5th grade South Carolina Book Award Book Club. We had kids split up into groups based on the books they read. We asked generic questions and gave them time to answer and discuss each question in their small group.

*Park North Storytime!

It was nice to see my Park North friends again.

My storytime was Seuss themed.

Read Wild About Books by Judy Sierra

Played the game, I Can Do That!

Read I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss

Made pipe cleaner “reading” glasses

Ate a “green eggs and ham” or “one fish two fish” snack – Green eggs and ham snack was what I made for my teachers last week and One fish two fish was a bag of goldfish crackers.

We also had our Lion Cub Storytime, which was led by our wonderful intern, Amy C.

Theme: Spring and butterflies/bugs

Read Silly Sally by Audrey Wood

Sang Itsy, Bitsy Spider

Read Don’t Worry Bear! by Greg Foley

Movement poem about fluttering butterflies:

Butterfly, Butterfly
Butterfly, butterfly, flutter around.
Butterfly, butterfly, touch the ground.
Butterfly, butterfly, fly so free.
Butterfly, butterfly, land on me!
Butterfly, butterfly, reach the sky,
Butterfly, butterfly, say good-bye
(Author unknown)

Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Craft – fingerpaint/stamp pad caterpillars

Snack – Pinterest inspired! Colored cereal in a snack sized bag with a clothes pin in the middle (put googly eyes on the clothes pin!). Looked like a butterfly!

Next week = More continent research with 2nd grade, more Brod Bagert, presentation time at SCASL, and video editing with Media Technology.

Have a relaxing Sunday!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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