Thoughts about Mom – part 3

Early on in my mom’s fight with cancer, she wrote a blog post about the “gifts of cancer.” I have read similar posts from other folks who are fighting. Here’s my post about the gifts of cancer (I suppose it could also be called the “gifts of _____________ (insert terminal illness)”

*Friends (especially OUR friends) are AMAZING. What I have found interesting or reassuring is that friends of ours that we may not have spoken to in years (for one reason or another…mostly because life just got in the way) stepped up right away (and continue to step up) to offer meals, calls to my dad, run errands, send cards, send emails = whatever…they’ve offered it. I know there are friends out there doing this that I may not even know about (or remember at the moment), but I’d like to thank Heather G., Beth L., Jonathan S., Maura D., Matthew B., Chris R. (who traveled 4 hours to come to the visitation), Dan R., all of my dad’s retired buddies from the Post Office and even folks that he worked with at the football games and Colonial Center. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Close friends like Ann N., JoDell and Don B., Candy and Joe A., the Fort family, Rob L. and others have, OF COURSE, been outstanding as well.

*My library community is GREAT. I have gotten so many cards, emails, Facebook messages from librarian friends that I know well (Jessica F., Kristen L., Mary H. – who is fighting her own cancer battle right now, Karen G., Angie E., Anne L., Betsy L., Sharon M., Amanda Y., Amy C., Amy R., Jenny D., Lexington 1 LMS, Janet B., Lexington 5 LMS, RCPL, Curtis R.) and those I don’t really know at all, but who are part of my library community. Librarians are good, good people. LOVE THEM!

*My NPES and DFES families. I cannot thank my NPES family ENOUGH for all of the support. So many of my teacher friends and admin folks came on Monday to the visitation and there were some at the funeral too. I will be out 2 entire weeks and everyone seems to understand my need for that time. On one hand, it is really bugging me that I will be out that long (I know that I am crazy), on the other hand, I know things are being taken care of (and I know that I need the time. I know this. My work ethic side keeps yelling at me though). I am looking forward to seeing them again. Many, many thanks goes to my assistant Karen G. and to our guidance counselor, Julie G. Both have been SO SUPPORTIVE throughout this whole journey. I could not have survived without them. I am also so grateful for the teacher friends like Kerri D., Laura T., and Alissa M. who have been here and talked with me about what to expect. Nugget has been wonderful too. Who knew you could have such quality conversations about death with your head custodian??? Gail D. has been fantastic about taking over some classes and my long term sub, Julie M. is wonderful. My entire NPES family has been great and I thank you all so much. My plan is to make a huge platter of Toni Cookies in thanks 🙂 DFES friends have been fantastic as well with cards and Facebook posts. I love and miss you guys!

*Finally, a HUGE thank you to the Cohen clan. They sent a text message to my mom EVERY DAY – a joke, a note of encouragement, a call. EVERY DAY they sent something. She loved getting those messages, even though she did not always reply. Kev spoke at the funeral and did a beautiful job. Lifelong friend, Jackie, spoke as well. Big feat considering that she is 7 months preggo and should probably be on bedrest right now.

In short – THANK YOU. I know I must have missed someone, but please know that what you have done to help my mom is equally as appreciated as the folks above. I will probably have a part 2 to this particular post, as I think of more of the wonderful people who have supported us and my mom through this fight.

CANCER SUCKS and may I recommend that you find a lung cancer group to support now that you are upset with Susan G. Koman? Just sayin’




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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3 Responses to Thoughts about Mom – part 3

  1. Angie Enlow says:

    Okay I know this sounds weird but in my prayers if I know someone who has passed away I introduce them to friends and family in Heaven. Even though I never met your mama I did that in my prayers. The vision that always comes to me is a picnic. They are all having the best picnic ever. I bet the potato salad is awesome 🙂

    • Ann Newman says:

      Angie, we have never met, but my Dad passes away 15 years ago, and I also told him about Tk. They both loved to play poker.

  2. Heather Green says:

    I have been thinking about you and Harry a lot. Please let me know what you guys need – even if it’s just dropping off your library stuff. No problem.
    with love,

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