Short weeks are the longest!

Short weeks always seem VERY LONG. What’s up with that? I guess we try to shove 5 days worth of work into 4 days and that just isn’t possible…

Here is a run down of my short week:

*On Monday, I went to TEDxColumbiaSC. WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY!!! I will blog about it when the videos from the event are posted.

*My Yahoo account sent out spam to the world. I apologize if you got an email from me that in turn gave you the spam. Here’s what I did about it (in case this happens to you): 1) I CHANGED MY PASSWORD 2) I ran a virus check on any computer that I use at home and at school. 3) I cleaned out my contacts list. Just deleted the whole thing (over 1,000 contacts – it needed to be cleaned out!). I don’t think there is much else I can do. It will probably happen again. That’s the joy of technology.

*K – 2 are continuing to read the South Carolina Picture Book Award Nominees. This week, I read Under the Snow to Kindergarten and 1st grade and Testing the Ice to 2nd grade (they are learning about biographies in their classroom, so it was a perfect fit).

*We have 2 library ladies hanging out with us this semester (they will be around 2 – 3 days a week). Not really student teachers, but just folks who are learning from me. I am humbled and flattered that people CHOOSE to hang out with me to see what I do. They are just awesome ladies and I can tell they WILL BE awesome in their own schools one day.

*Years ago, I saw a segment on the news about a reading program where therapy dogs go to schools and students read to them. We are finally starting a program like this at NPES. I am SO EXCITED. Emily (a dog), came to school on Wednesday to get a “feel” for our school and for where she will be reading. This week, we will start the program. I cannot wait.


Lion Cub Storytime was Friday.

Here’s what we did –

As they walked in, I had a live penguin cam running from a zoo in California.

When it was time to start, I asked them to guess what the theme might be (they had penguin nametags, the live cam was playing…it wasn’t hard to guess 🙂 )

We read Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

Then we tried to waddle around like a penguin (stand up, legs together, feet apart like a V, hands and arms glued to your side – try to walk!)

We read A Penguin Story by Antoinette Portis

I told them a box story about Mr. Penguin (“A New Color for Mr. Penguin”). Got the idea from this blog: A Scholastic Book Fair book box made the perfect ocean!

Our craft was penguin cookies. Idea was from Family Fun. We used cookies instead of cupcakes though. I made little penguin “kits” with everything they needed to make their penguin cookie. I had some frosting in the middle of the tables for everyone to use.

After that, it was checkout time! After they checked out, they did get a snack of goldfish (because penguins eat fish, of course!)

*Friday evening was our Annual Books & BBQ event at school. One of those events that sort of runs itself once everything is lined up. We had guest readers, BBQ, a bake sale, some book characters walking around, and just a good time hanging out with families and friends.

*This was the first week for hospice care for mom. She’s doing really well – very “with it,” no confusion. We met the nurse (we call her Fancy Nancy) and our social worker (Debbie). Both are very nice and I know they will be very helpful to my dad (and me). I have tried to ease my schedule a little so that I can visit everyday. If I have something on my schedule that does not allow me to visit, I have cancelled it. So, for now, I have had to cancel Park North and Yoga Storytimes. This makes me sad, especially when kids ask me about it. I will start up again, when I can.

*Wednesday was my birthday. I am old.

Have a SUPER week!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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