Back to work!

Back to school – it really feels like we never left. What’s great about January (beside all the “clean slate”  stuff I wrote about last week), is that in my current district, we are able to sort of “ease in” to the new year. We do not have a full week of school until almost February. The downside is that these short weeks sometimes feel like the longest! Yikes!

SO, this week we are back in school and that means a quick overview of what I did with my classes!

5th grade Media Technology is working on a “final project.” They will present next week. They can either create a Kerpoof movie or a game using GameMaker or Scratch or KoDu. I am hoping to encourage a couple of them to enter the STEM Challenge. I am looking forward to the next group of kids, because the TIS and I have a better idea of what we plan to do with them this time around, I think.

K – 2 did a lesson that I LOVE. Strongman by Megan McCarthy was a South Carolina Book Award Nominee a few years ago. That is when I first did this lesson. Since I did it this week, I will have to retire it for a few years, but it is a GREAT lesson and story to start the year off with. First, I start with a discussion about New Year’s Resolutions – what they are, why we make them, and then we share some of our resolutions. Many of them were doing something similar in their classrooms, so they knew what to say right away. A couple of my favorite resolutions were to: eat MORE junk food and watch MORE TV. 🙂 Same here, little dudes! (Those of you who really know me know that’s totally NOT going to happen here!).

After sharing our resolutions, I introduce our book (I say that it a PERFECT book to start the New Year with because it is about someone who makes lots of changes to his life). We also review the difference between Fiction and NonFiction, since that is something we were doing before break. We listened to the first part of the book on Megan McCarthy’s website and I finished the rest. After reading Strongman, we discussed what Atlas did to become strong and healthy. After they share (and I make sure someone says EXERCISE), we get up and complete a DESKERCISE activity with Slim Goodbody (downloaded from STreamlineSC). So fun!

So, that’s mostly what I did this week. I also spent a lot of time preparing for some upcoming events (Books & BBQ; NPEs Got Talent; a therapy dog program we are kicking off next week; upcoming storytimes; an intern; etc.) A good, productive week – I hope you had the same!

Other tidbits to note:

I finished a REALLY great book: The Art of Racing in the Rain. I wasn’t going to read this. I do not like dog books, in general. Dogs normally die in dog books and that’s not acceptable. However, this book kept coming into my world, so I figured it was time to check it out. WONDERFUL BOOK. The story itself is awesome. To be honest, there were parts where I skimmed – there is lots of detail about Formula One racing and I don’t love reading court scenes, but, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the story itself. This one will stick with me. There is also one for upper elementary readers, which I plan to get my hands on very soon. I think this would be a good book club book.

Mom update – I think I mentioned that she had good scans on 12/30 – no new growth. My dad took her back to the doctor on Friday because she is acting super loopy – like, crazy house loopy, and she has arm tremors, which cause her to drop the remote, the phone, her makeup, etc. all the time. The oncologist was concerned that her cancer had spread to her brain, so she went in for another scan (this time, of her head). All clear (there is a brain, of course :), but nothing to indicate that her cancer has spread there). He thinks that what is causing the loopy behavior and the tremors is lack of oxygen to her brain. Her right lung is once again full of fluid. She will go in tomorrow to have it drained and should feel better right away. With a clear lung, oxygen can once again flow throughout her body. Keep her in your thoughts, please!

Have a GREAT week, readers!




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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