More traditions…

My Christmas day post was about tradition with my folks during this time of year. There is SO MUCH that I did not include in that post that I want to make sure I remember. Tradition is tradition after all, and I’d like to be sure I keep these traditions alive for years to come. I mentioned things from childhood (note to Santa, cookies for Santa, etc.) and I mentioned a few things that we do every year – including this year (looking at lights,  Toni Cookies, Christmas Eve movie, etc.), but there were a few things I forgot to mention. Let’s do a little “day in the life,” shall we?

Christmas Eve as a kid usually included a social event of some sort. We either went to a friend’s house or someone came to our house. Lately, it seems that we just spend Christmas Eve quietly together as a family. I always open one present on Christmas Eve. This present is ALWAYS pajamas. Sometimes, there are other things in the box, like matching slippers or a movie, but no matter what, I always get new pajamas that I am expected to wear that night. One year, when I was in college, my dad surprised us and gave my mom pajamas that matched what she had bought for me and a new tradition was born. Even this year, my mom and I got matching jammies. I always sleep at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve (so that Santa knows where I am, duh!). Marty even slept there a couple of years, but once we had kids got Lucky and Mozzy, he goes home to sleep on Christmas Eve. We always eat breakfast before opening gifts on Christmas morning (Marty comes back early for breakfast. I even made him wear his pajamas one year). This tradition was is my LEAST favorite, of course. Not only did I have to wait for my mom to get dressed and put her makeup on (which took FOREVER), I’d have to wait and wait and wait for my mom and dad to finish breakfast, clean it up, and decide it was time to open gifts. We always open our stockings first and then it’s on to what is under the tree. Our gifts are always wrapped. I’ve noticed on Facebook that lots of people don’t wrap Santa gifts – what’s up with that? Part of the fun is unwrapping the gifts! At my house, we unwrap one person at a time and we take turns. Christmas Day traditions have changed from year to year. Ever since meeting Marty it involves something with the Forts. Always a little crazy for me because his family is SO BIG and my family is so small. I’m just not used to all the running around and yelling. There seems to be more and more people there every year – lots of kids and lots of food. Typically, we spend a little time there and then it is back to my folks house for Christmas Day dinner, always stuffed shells. This year, we had the stuffed shells on Christmas Eve. The day after Christmas is always the saddest day because you have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to do it again. Oh, I just love Christmas and everything that goes along with it. This Christmas was great and I know that future Christmas’ will be wonderful thanks to traditions that my family (and Marty’s family) started for us and that we will continue.

Again, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. The New Year will be here soon and, of course, there are traditions that go along with that holiday as well – I’ll save those for another post 🙂



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I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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