The week before students get out for Winter Break is one of the BEST weeks to be working in an elementary school. Everyone is happy and in a good mood and while there is plenty of learning going on, there is LOTS OF FUN too!

Check out the fun stuff that I did this week –

One of our 3rd grade teachers read James and the Giant Peach to her students. They wrote letters to pen pals and decorated a paper peach (I’ve written about this before). This week, they uploaded pictures of their peaches to the Follow that Peach website, finished their letters, and mailed them off! Can’t wait to see where their peach goes!

Kindergarten students looked for the Gingerbread Man using clues they got by scanning QR codes – LOVED this and I think it will be a new tradition (at least I hope so!). I pretty much did what Shannon Miller wrote about in her blog. After students went around the school, asking folks if they’ve seen the Gingerbread Man and scanning all of the codes (the last code leads them back to their classroom), there were gingerbread cookies waiting for them. We told the kids that the Gingerbread Man left those there for him. So fun!

I read Snowmen at Night (on the SMARTBoard – thanks, We Give Books!) and Snowmen All Year to my K – 2 classes. On Friday, I thought about seeing if there were make a snowman apps and websites we could use to make our own snowman – of course there are some fun ones out there! Too bad I did not think about it until Friday 🙂 On the computer, I used this website from ABCya! And, on the iPhones and iPads, I loaded this app.

On Thursday morning, the 5th grade South Carolina Book Award Book Club students skyped with our Chapin Elementary friends who will be participating in the book club with us. Our plan is to skype with them more and use Edmoto to talk about the books. I will do some thinking and planning for this over the break.

The 5th grade Media Technology class is working on “final projects.” They can select a program we’ve learned about this year (Scratch, Kerpoof, Game Maker, etc.) to create a game or a movie. When we return from break, they will present what they created. We will get a new group of kids at the end of the 9 weeks. The TIS and I are thinking about making this more like a gaming class than a modge podge technology class. Some students are planning to participate in the STEM Challenge. I’m proud and excited for them!

I even had some fun AFTER school this week – my folks, Marty, and I went to Saluda Shoals to check out the lights. Marty’s birthday was on Wednesday, so we went to dinner with some friends. My pal, Jessica, had her annual Christmas drop in that we go to every year, so we did that too! Tis the season to be running around like Christmas chickens.

Now, to finish some of that shopping and baking I have to do…




About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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