This week…

So, to continue on a personal note from last week’s blog – the Midlands Lung Cancer Walk was very nice thanks to some good friends who joined me to walk in honor of my mom. She was in the hospital for a full week. She’s home now and better simply because she is at home. She’s able to sleep and can get help when she needs it instead of waiting for a nurse to come around. I hope that she gains strength and can start chemo again soon. My good friend Mary, who is having her own battle with cancer seems to be doing good as well. I hope to see her next week. I know she reads my blog, so I want her to know that I think about her everyday! Really, I do!

Now, onto school stuff. It has, indeed, been a week full of STUFF. 5th grade Media Technology kids are working on glogs about a leader. Some are doing school leaders; others are doing a leader of their choosing. All students (K – 5) got a little blurb about our upcoming Scholastic Book Fair (November 14 – 18, if you want to come SHOP!), my 4th grade explorer research and 5th grade inventor research is wrapping up, a small group of 1st graders is still working on researching an endangered animal, and a small group of 4th graders is reading The Birchbark House with me during their Intervention Block. One new thing I am working on this week is a 5th grade book club focusing on the South Carolina Children’s Book Award nominees. My pal from Chapin Elementary School, my 5th grade teachers, and I are all working together on this. I booktalked the books this week and next week I hope to get a letter written highlighting our plan for parents – students will pick their top 5 book award nominees to talk about in a book club that will meet on Collaborative Planning Days. We will skype in December with the Chapin folks and meet throughout the year to discuss books. In May, we will have a contest of sorts to see who knows the book award nominees the best. We will also use Edmoto throughout the year to communicate.

This week was also Park North and Lion Cub Storytime. Here’s what I did:
Brainstormed what November makes us think about (turkeys, leaves, Thanksgiving, pie, shopping, winter, trees are all answers I got when I asked them this question).
Did 5 Little Turkeys fingerplay. For Lion Cubs, I showed this YouTube video
Read The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri At Park North, we did some yoga poses that went along with the animals in the book.

Played music and had everyone pretend to be a tree with their branches blowing. When the music stopped, they were supposed to pretend to be leaves falling from their tree. Any song could be used for this. I used a polka.

Read a very cool book called Fall is Not Easy by Marty Kelley

Our craft was something I found on Pinterest (of course!): a tree picture made with leaf glitter!

Finally, for snack, I (actually MARTY and I) made “acorns.” We did not use peanut butter chips, however.  Peanut butter is not cool in public elementary schools.

THAT was my week! Next up is BOOK FAIR!!!



About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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