Updating the blog from my phone today…might make for a short post!

This week in my Learning Commons:
More research with 5th grade (inventors) and 4th grade (explorers). Finished Bat stuff with kindergarten and started working on stuff for our upcoming book fair.

Storytime yoga this week was Halloween theme, of course! To warmup, I asked them to think of what they were going to be for Halloween and to think of a pose to go with their costume. They did a great job! Then, we played “hot pumpkin” to some scary music (just like hot potato). Then, I taught them poses that went along with a story that I told them after they learned the poses – when they heard the poses in the story, they had to get into them. Poses included lion, tree, bridge, owl, gate, and cat. The story was about going to a Halloween party. After the story, we did a little pumpkin bowling, read In a Dark, Dark Room by David Carter and relaxed with nice, not scary music. I will be taking a break from storytime yoga until after book fair.

On a personal note, Marty and I are headed to Charlotte for the Panthers game and a visit to Trader Joes. Sit down fellow Gamecock fans, I am wearing a Cam Newton jersey. Marty says I should get over it, I say this goes to show how much I love my husband!

My mom is going through a rough patch. She hasn’t been able to do any more chemo because of weakness…blood levels and chest x-rays look normal…I think it’s side effects of an antibiotic she was taking. We will hopefully get some answers on Monday when she sees the oncologist. Please send some strength and healing thoughts her way, friends!

Until next week!


About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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