Reimagine:Ed DAY 3

Day 3 was a whirlwind (as was Day 1 and 2). The day started with working in our groups to create a presentation to pitch a “thing” for the library of the future. Our challenge was to design something for the physical space of the library in relation to a prompt that went something like, “How can we make the library of the future like a park of possibility?”

My group came up with a Learning Yurt. I had never heard of a yurt before, but the very smart people I was working with knew about these yurts that nomads set up as homes. The idea of a learning yurt is like a tent. You set it up when needed. You can project on it. You can write on some of it (with idea paint, of course!). You can take it down and move it somewhere else. Your yurt can have different purposes (food yurt, book fair yurt, MAP testing makeup yurt, etc.). We wrote a story about a kid named Leo and his learning yurt and pitched it to the crowd. In the amount of time we had to do this, it felt very much like we were on some sort of crazy design show you’d see on HGTV. But, it worked. Somehow, our group really worked well together. Hope to see them all again sometime.

Other groups came up with cool ideas too (we got to see everyone’s “pitch” yesterday afternoon). Loved the Buzz board idea – sort of like something you’d see at Epcot…a big board that was somehow connected to what was being researched, searched for on the internet, checked out from the library…whatever everyone was working on or curious about at the moment was on this board. The board could be touched like an iPad screen and the ideas expanded with links and more information. Very cool. Flash cart was a great idea and something very doable. This is based on the idea of a kitchen island on wheels. Everything you need is on/in this cart and you just move it around where you want it when you want it. I’ve made such things before (at DFES where we had old, huge AV carts), but this was COOLER. I might see if anyone has some old carts I can have to see what I can reconfigure on my own. Some groups brought up the idea of the library as a  Tinker School. I’ve thought about this sort of thing before too – have items out that kids want to “tinker” with. Apparently there are whole schools set up like this. I plan to put jenga, legos, puzzles, and whatever else around for kids to “tinker” with. First, how to organize it all?

There were other wonderful ideas from other groups too. There were maybe 10 groups that presented and I must say that was the best “presentation model” that I’ve seen. I never felt bored or like it was dragging on and on. Not sure if it was the ideas or what, but I loved it and left feeling inspired. I can really say that about the whole weekend. I do have some suggestions on how to make it MAYBE better, but that really would just be how to make it better for ME. So glad I was asked to go – Janet Boltjes and I hope to do a session about the conference at SCASL and I am excited to go back to school and share with my principal everything I learned. Today, however, I took off of work to do laundry and go to the grocery store – a girl’s gotta do these things!

Have a GREAT Monday and as they told us at the conference – go out and find someone to BE DANGEROUS with!





About Valerie Byrd Fort

I live in South Carolina. I am passionate about libraries, books, and reading. I am also a mom. This is my blog about those things.
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